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Tijdelijke korting voor schaaktrainers en -coaches dankzij Tata Steel Chess samenwerking
Kom naar de Chessity coach-clinic bij Tata Steel Chess
Limited-time offer for chess coaches
Who is your chess hero? (#chesshero)
Jeroen van den Berg hopes Giri will win Tata Steel Chess 2017
Jeroen van den Berg: Hoge verwachting van Tata Steel Chess 2017
Bezoek Tata Steel Chess: leuk voor kinderen!
Chessity for third year in a row official partner of Tata Steel Chess
Chessity is partner van Tata Steel Chess
Wat Tata Steel Chess zo bijzonder maakt
Why the Tata Steel Chess Tournament is so special
Schaken op bijzondere plekken
Voortgang Chessity
Hoe hoort het eigenlijk, bij schaken?
Dharma Tjiam nieuwe directeur Schaakbond
Chessity at the London Chess Conference
Wat je van Magnus leren kan
Meet Chessity’s teaching bots: your one-on-one chess tutor
World Champ Match Round 8: Brave Magnus vs Victorious Sergey
Openingen - een "nestje" bouwen!
Schoolschaken in Armenië
Het Herdersmat
Blunders door wereldtoppers
Explosieve groei van Chessity in Nederland (+ tips voor nieuwe gebruikers)
Chess can rescue a kid from academic failure (the story behind Chessity)
KNSB-erkenning voor Pion-diploma van Chessity
Recordaantal schaaktrainers op Chessity-dag
A better Chessity to celebrate our 5th anniversary
Carlsen or Karjakin: who wins the World Championship 2016?
DWDD over recordpoging blind simultaan schaken
Rekenschaak! - maakt schaken nog spannender en leuker
Why It Is Good To Make Mistakes
Niels van der Mark genomineerd als Clubheld van de Amateursport 2016
Leraren ervaren barrière bij inzet technologie in de les
Wereldberoemd door schaken
4 Must Know Steps to Avoid Blundering in Chess
Met schaken maak je vrienden
How To Re-Energize Your Chess Teaching With 21st Century Tools
Nieuwe blogger: Frank Erwich stelt zich voor
Don't be selfish, share your pieces!
Knight Level: It was fun, indeed it was!
Do’s en don’ts bij het aanbieden van remise
Mark van der Werf stopt als voorzitter van de schaakbond
How to learn chess, fast?
How to set Chessity as a web app
Waarom de schaakleraar niet hoeft te kunnen schaken
Scaffolding Learning in Chess and Life
Hoe een schaaktoernooi schitterend uit de hand liep
Schaakles geven met Chessity, hoe bevalt dat?
Veel schaken in de media dankzij NK Schaken
Schaken met tractoren als stukken
De schaakopening: tips en uitleg voor beginners
Wat is het verschil tussen tactiek en strategie?
Chessity in de vakantie
Chessity’s plans for the next six months
KNSB-voorzitter geeft 120 kinderen les met Chessity
Inspiration throught chess-themed movies
‘Elke schaakles moet een schaakfeestje zijn’
Schaken op Kamp, €25 korting met chessity!
Schaaklezen #1 Wonderkinderen, honkballers en levenslessen
TIP #1: When it's NOT good to follow your instinct
NIEUW: 52 nieuwe lessen en een schaakdiploma
Het schaaksprookje van de drie zwarte koningen
Een hekel aan paarden? Ga van ze houden!
Chessity voor beginnende schakers
Nieuw op Chessity : Aanpassen instellingen (1)
Chessity voor gevorderde schakers
Chessity voor sterke spelers
'Ben je uitgeput, moet je alwéér spelen' (NK-verslag van Douwe)
Chessity-school De Spits sleept nationale titel binnen
De Pinksterbloem wint NK Basisscholen algemeen
Geef nooit op - je hebt niks te verliezen!
Online leren schaken net zo efficiënt als met bord en stukken
5 Jobs Pawns Are Awesome At
Offer je dame en zet schaakmat
Stel in 3 klikken je eigen Chessity-omgeving in
Douwe (7) houdt Chessity scherp
Moeders aan de basis van schaaksucces
6 dingen die je moet weten over rokeren
‘Wat nu, wat nu’, zei Pietje Cru
Survival op een schaakbord
A Chessity stronghold in Brazil
Can you play like the Women's World Champion?
Fouten maken moet!
Schaken en het brein: wat leren kinderen van schaken?
'Schaken is spannender dan optreden voor een volle zaal'
‘Dit is de manier waarop kinderen leren!’
Waarom je (niet) op je handen moet zitten
How come children have an easier time learning chess compared to adults?
Kun jij meepraten over het Kandidatentoernooi? Straks wel!
Kinderen vinden deze film geweldig, een must see! Lang leve de koningin! (video)
Looking Back: The Great Wijk aan Zee
Chess connects and unites!
"Schaak maar raak!" Magazine 01 (Dutch)
Chessity workshops for kids at Tata Steel Chess
"the Dream multiplier" (Video)
What to do when you don’t know what to do
The power of motivation in Chess?
Factors that influence your Chess progress - II
Chessity in schools (Video)
Factors that influence your Chess progress - I
Chessity in practice by Regobert Eijkelkamp
How Chessity reduces the threshold of chess learning
The new Chessity
Battle - Erwin en Robert in new Chessity (video)
A Fresh Start
How to run a virtual chess club using Chessity
Arena - the gateway to making more friends on chessity
A Christmas gift from Chessity.
Chessity for beginners
Chessity for intermediate chess players
Chessity for advanced and expert players
A Practical Manual on Improving Middlegame Thinking and Play: Part II
A Practical Manual on Improving Middlegame Thinking and Play
Chess is No More a Game
Moving Forward!
How to Get Far in Chess: Get the Basics Right
Better Chess Vision. A Manifesto
Strong & Steady Nakamura Part II
Collaboration with the KNSB
Who Won Recently? Strong & Steady Nakamura Part I
Chess is back in school
Say Chess!
First Chess-in-School event
Partner of Tata Steel Chess
Chess is harder than I thought.
Endgame Strategy - Pawns as pikes in chess
Friday Column - take your chances
Do Children Like Having It Difficult?
DO you know how to play the opening? || King Safety
Why study Chess endgames?
Trust, but verify! part 1
Learn by Doing
Chess and language acquisition
DO you know how to play the opening? || Rapid Development
Endgame with Koravi Chandrashekhar part 1
Carlsen-Anand: We have a winner!
Upsets in Chess | David beats Goliath - 2
Chess tactics contest 2014
Carlsen-Anand: Game 10
Carlsen-Anand: Game 9
Who Won Recently? Ascending Alexander
Controlling the Center | Opening strategy
Carlsen-Anand: Game 8
Carlsen-Anand: Game 7
Upsets in Chess | David beats Goliath - 1
DO you know how to play the opening? || Wednesday column 1
Carlsen-Anand: Game 4
Learning the Art of Learning with a former Chess Prodigy
Carlsen-Anand: Game 3
Are you ‘doping’ when you drink coffee and play chess?
Carlsen-Anand: Game 1 and 2
Creating Problems to your opponent
Carlsen-Anand the preview
A Tale of Two Chess Boards
Why Brain Games Are Wasting Your Time
How to use in marathi
Who Won Recently? Fearless Fighter Lu Shanglei
A Checkmate for ADHD
How you can easily improve your class’s focus and discipline
Who Won Recently? Wesley won So much!
How An Ancient Game Can Help You Meet Your Soulmat
Why You Can Learn Anything (and how chess can help you)
The Importance of Endgames Knowledge
Give to get! - Positional sacrifices in the endgame
The paradox of work
Who Won Recently? Fabulous Fabiano!
Wonder how Chessity's rating system worked?
A game a day turns your B-grade to an A
The Benefits of Chess
Chess is Child's play
Flammende Bretter
Who Won Recently? Yuriy Kuzubov
We need your input!
They miss, you hit
puzzle dude episode 4
puzzle awsomeness 1
puzzle dude for beginners episode 1
Tactics challenge: July 9
Tactics challenge: July 8
Puzzle challenge: July 7
What's your plan for Sunday?
Rules for the Arena game
HOW TO: Activating coordinates while solving problems.
Chessity goes multilingual.
Noticed something new?
Tactical Game Highlights: Episode 04
Tactical Game Highlights: Episode 03
How to Play Dynamic Middlegame Positions
6 Reasons to join the next tactic battle
World Chess Tactics Battle
The Other Winner: Part 2
Learn with mini-games
The Other Winner: Part 1
Magnus strikes again: Part 3
Magnus strikes again: Part 2
Magnus strikes again: Part 1
Tactical Game Highlights: Episode 02
Stop hanging pieces 1/2
The Weak Pawn: Part II
Tactical Game Highlights: Pilot Episode
The Weak Pawn
Skyrocket your calculation
Master of Positional Play
Good or Bad Square? Part II
Anand's victory in four key games
Stop hanging pieces 2/2
Carlsen: "only one player continued to play good chess, and that’s been Anand."
Good or Bad Square?
Carlsen-Anand rematch in the making?
Good or Bad Piece? Part II
The draw offer etiquette
Good or Bad Piece?
The three golden rules of the opening
New Upgrade your endgame
Aronian back in business!
Punishing the Unsafe King in the Center
Cafe page video tutorial
Safe or unsafe king
Success Counts
Chessity Training Improves Board Vision and Tactical Accuracy
Gibraltar Chess Festival 2014: "No Guts No Glory!"
Need to play more aggressively
Gibraltar Chess Festival 2014: A Creative Game from a World-Class Player
Another great year with Chessity!
How to play against Magnus Carlsen?
Zurich Chess Challenge 2014: Three "P"s to Overcome a Stronger Opposition
Zurich Chess Challenge 2014: the Attitude of Learning from Every Top-Level Game
Become A Guest Blogger
Partnership with Scotland
Tata Steel Chess Tournament: Round 11
Tata Steel Chess Tournament: Round 10
Tata Steel Chess Tournament: Round 9
LIVE Tata Steel Masters, Round 9, Commentary by GM Erwin l'Ami
What Would You Have Played?: Critical Moments from the 2nd half of 2014 Tata Steel
Game analysis by Erwin l'Ami
Tata Steel Chess Tournament: Round 8
Tata Steel Chess Tournament: Round 7
Tata Steel Chess Tournament: Round 6
Tata Steel Chess Tournament: Round 5
Check and Compare Your Moves: Wijk Test Solutions
Chess Goals
Tata Steel Chess Tournament: Round 4
Your Move: Test positions from games in 2014 Tata Steel Tournament
Winning search strategy for intermediate level
Tata Steel Chess Tournament: Round 3
Tata Steel Chess Tournament: Round 2
76th Tata Steel Chess Tournament
Kasparov “Tough for chess to overtake League of Legends”
Defend against the pin
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Learn chess without reading
Studies revealed!
Thinking in your head...
This is a chessity position
Do you believe you’ve reached your peak?
Hidden features in Chessity's cafe
training advise 2
Benefits of online learning
NEW chess coach program
World Chess Tactics Battle
4 reasons why Judit Polgars Chess Festival is so important
training advise
The values of Chessity
Tactic position that made me think
The last mistake before you lose
Recognizing targets to find the right tactical ideas
Behind the scenes
'HOW TO' series: The tactic battle
Attempting to postpone senility
Create your own blog
Thank You Chessity - from South Africa
The NEW Chessity experience
Train anywhere anytime
Chess visualization trainer
Partnership NYPS Chess school
Spanish translation
Tactics battle event
Alina l'Ami reviewed Chessity
Chessity launched