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How to successfully get schools hooked on chess in just one hour

Jan 25, 2019
Chessity staff post

Do you want to introduce chess to your local school? Do you want children and teachers to experience how fun and easy it is to learn chess with Chessity? Or would you like to find out if Chessity is the right teaching tool for an afterschool chess club or chess academy?

Then we have great news for you. Today, we launch worldwide access to our school workshop and ambassador program. The concept has already proven to be very succesfull in the Netherlands, introducing chess to over 30,000 schoolchildren.

How does it work?

Schools (or chess clubs) and teachers can apply for a free Chessity workshop. This is an online one-hour workshop, in which the school gets access to the Chessity learning platform. Students can start learning chess straight away and enjoy the fun of playing games and even tournaments. The workshop doesn’t require any chess knowledge and hardly any preparation from the teacher.

A Chessity workshop provides:

✓  One hour full of chess fun for the students
✓  A taste for more chess in the classroom
✓  A first-hand experience of leading edge educational technology
✓  The confidence that every teacher can successfully teach chess, regardless of their own skills
✓  The zest for learning in a 21st-century way

Remote or by an ambassador

The free Chessity workshop has been designed in such a way that it can be conducted independently, with remote support from Chessity. This enables every school to use it, even without the assistence from a chess teacher or coach. So don’t hesitate to point out this opportunity to any school in your neighborhood that you would like interest in chess.

>> Click here to go to the registration page <<

Become an ambassador

Would you rather be personally involved in contacting schools and giving workshops? We totally get that. Many chess coaches that use Chessity want to convey their enthusiasm about chess and our exciting new way of teaching chess. And that’s where the Ambassador Program comes in, which has proven to be very influential in The Netherlands.

Chessity Ambassadors are enthousiastic users who like to help other teachers, coaches and schools by telling them about their experiences with Chessity, sharing their expertise and demonstrating our platform in workshops.

As a Chessity Ambassador you get exclusive access to tools that empower you to give very succesful workshops. It is a great way to show a school from your own passion for (scholastic) chess how easy it is to start offering chess in the classroom and how little time and effort it costs.

It is our experience that many schools decide to start with chess classes after they have had a taste of it in a Chessity workshop. In a small country like the Netherlands there are already more than 325 schools that use Chessity, which shows how keen schools are to let children enjoy the benefits of chess.

>> Interested in becoming a Chessity Ambassador? Just send us an email and we’ll contact you with further information.




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annak 14:54 - 25 Jan 2019
Hey ik vind schake leuk
rodrigofleury 12:32 - 8 Mar 2019
omg i loved this
rodrigofleury 12:33 - 8 Mar 2019
what a good progess

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