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Partnership with Scotland

Jan 31, 2014
Chessity staff post

Partnership with Chess Scotland

The Scottish Chess Federation, Chess Scotland has joined hands with the online chess training website Chessity. The partnership has been formed to train the Scottish chess players through Chessity’s eLearning tools, to improve the talents to the national level.

For the Scottish federation it was a natural next step, as because many players who were already playing on Chessity had shown great improvements with their over-the-board play in Chess tournaments. The Scottish players choose Chessity as their primary training tool and this means an opportunity for those players to improve their play at national and international level .The Scottish Chess Federation uses Chessity groups, to connect the Scottish players online. They can train together to build new chess skills and they can compete at the national level.

Chess Scotland
Chess Scotland

Chess Scotland is the governing body for chess in Scotland. It was formed in 2001 with the merger of the Scottish Chess Association and the Scottish Junior Chess Association. It is one of the oldest national chess associations in the world. The number of players currently known to Chess Scotland is more than 5000, of whom about half are juniors. Chess Scotland therefore serves a very wide constituency from school children to International Grandmasters.

The elearning programs offered by Chessity provide rapid learning and improvement in the game. Instead of reading and learning, which can be a boring way to learn Chess, the site stresses on playing mini games, that gives hands on experience and also the realization of strong and weak points. The mini games are designed such that, while playing them users get constructive feedback on mistakes. The programme utilizes instructional scaffolding, which compels players to learn through experience.

Scottish members on all kinds of levels will use Chessity. The site owner Janton van Apeldoorn states, “Whether you are a beginner or a master you can expand your knowledge using Chessity’s, which uses an adaptive learning algorithm that can be enjoyed in both single and multiplayer games.”

The site owner said at this point: We hope it will encourage other Federations as well to start a partnership with Chessity. The company offers several packages of paid subscriptions. The subscription value depends on the number of accounts bought. Often coaches have to buy multi subscriptions. Users who buy more than one accounts are offered discounted rates on the premium subscription packages.


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