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Thinking in your head...

Dec 8, 2013
Coach 2101

Everyone knows that chess is a thinking game. However, it is not always obvious for the new student how they should learn to visualize the board in their head.

Chessity has a great training platform for this and other must have skills.  The Route Planner TPR does just this.  Take a look at this video to get an idea of how it works.

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awesomedude_play 23:44 - 8 Dec 2013
Labelle_play 11:47 - 11 Dec 2013
Thank you so much for explaining what one is supposed to do in the "route planner" exercise.
tactician_play 22:18 - 28 Dec 2013
Nice video coach, thanks.
tactician_play 10:00 - 19 May 2014
Good stuff coach.

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