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Mar 24, 2020
Chessity staff post

Because of the coronavirus, all the time and energy of teachers currently goes into arranging distance learning and home-education for their students.

So how great is it if kids can learn and play chess independently at home? While the children are engaged in learning chess and building 21st-century skills in a fun and playful way, the teacher has time to organize other lessons.
That is why we offer schools, chess clubs and coaches the possibility to temporarily give as many students as they want a Chessity account for free.

This is how we want to help teachers and educators in this difficult and challenging situation. 

Use the additional student accounts, for example:

  • to enable more or all students in your school to learn and play chess
  • to do a Diploma Challenge with a class or the whole school
  • to provide challenging work to gifted students
  • to allow children to participate in the daily online tournaments
  • to compete together in the weekly school competition

Stay connected, continue shared learning

When all the children are at home, it is can be difficult to let them stay connected and continue shared learning.
Chessity offers a safe online environment where students can stay in touch with each other and the teacher or coach. The children can work on a common learning goal (Diploma Challenge) and achieve team achievements in tournaments.
Even though they are not physically together, they are still doing things together - which is both comforting and motivating.

This is how it works:

Do you want to make use of the possibility to temporarily give more students a Chessity account for free? Learn how it works here:

Step 1: Go to 'manage students'

tep 2: Click on 'Add new student'

Step 3: Fill in student details and clik on 'Create account'

IMPORTANT: Do not chek 'add subscribtion' (for this will create the new account from one of your available premium accounts)

The new account is created and is added to your student management:

The new accounts that you add in this way allow three weeks free use of Chessity.

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arthurjona 03:55 - 5 Apr 2020
Its not free we need to pay for chessity
panacea 07:47 - 8 Apr 2020
At this moment we have a free trial period of three weeks for families and chess schools. So if you have friends or family they can really enjoy chessity for free.
arthurjona 16:08 - 20 Apr 2020
gunnu_play 10:48 - 3 Mar 2021
Yes ?? and I are going on vacation
Mathis1 15:41 - 11 Dec 2021

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