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Do you believe you’ve reached your peak?

Dec 8, 2013
StaffCoach 2147

I believe that your brain works like a command centre for your own beliefs. Consequently, all the work that is needed to put your trust in your personal growth is valuable.

The world is changing fast and that’s why there are two reasons why it’s easier for you to become a stronger chess player than it was 20 years ago.

1. Your intelligence isn't fixed

Research shows that our brain has far greater potential than we previously imagined. Our intelligence isn’t fixed! There is a lot of new research available to prove this statement.
If you challenge yourself to prove that intelligence isn’t fixed, then you will enjoy the benefits!

Consider, for a moment, the negative effect of believing in fixed intelligence. If your intelligence is fixed, it is impractical and unproductive to keep trying to improve your chess. Your learning path is impossible to navigate.

Research shows that persistent effort facilitates our learning. When you are taught about the malleability of intelligence, then you can see intelligence as something which can develop with hard work. If you believe that your intelligence can increase it will engender a more positive attitude, encourage you to enjoy academic tasks, and make it easier to set long term learning goals.

I hope that this insight will make you more ambitious!


2. The cloud can be your NEW learning machine

The Internet, social media, and new cloud learning tools sometimes prevent us from improving ourselves. We can hack our time, our energy, the way we connect and engage with each other, etc.
We all use the tools, but do we also change our habits? Or is it more like driving a car at walking pace?

Can you look beyond the new boundaries the online world has given us? I think we need to rethink our capacity because of all this innovation!

We have build Chessity for you to be your disruptive learning model to improve your Chess. How can we use this to win more games? And why do some players succeed when others make no progress?

Belief is the mother of success

The purpose of this blog is to explain why you must have more faith than ever in your ability to improve your chess. Do you believe you can improve your level of play by 200 rating points? If the answer is yes, stay tuned. I will reveal how you can use Chessity’s innovative features to help you achieve your goals!


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Hej Jag vill bara säga att Sjostadskolan (sjöstadskolan) har hackat partierna i eventet man kan bara spela 8 partier men han hade kört 11 partier och fått 22 poäng en ren HACKER snälla kicka dem från Chessity mvh en elev på Essingeskolan!
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i am lil nas gru
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