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Puzzle challenge: July 7

Jul 7, 2014
StaffCoach 2161
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Hello everyone, here's a challenge for you! There are two interesting puzzles below, one is an endgame puzzle and another is a studies. Let's have fun solving them! Looking forward to reading your comments.  

#1 White to play!


#2 White to play, mate in 21.


Found the answer to these puzzles? Add a comment below. For solution, just send me a message. I don't want to spoil the fun by adding the solution anywhere here.

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cynthia 12:33 - 7 Jul 2014
Both positions can be seen like a dance. In the first one the dance is between kings. The White king must dance near the Black pawn, up to the moment the Black king is obliged to move. And when the Black king moves to E5, then he is out of the triangle to catch the A pawn.
The second position is a dance of queens. The queen dance all around, one blocking a rook, the other giving a check, up to the moment the E pawn has reached E4. I don't know how to add a chessboard to my comment, and show the solution.
arunjchess 13:05 - 7 Jul 2014
Hit me with the variations!
arunjchess 13:05 - 7 Jul 2014
Tahildhruv 13:33 - 7 Jul 2014
I got the Answer. Where to send it?????????????????????????????????????? I dont wanna type the answer here and spoil the fun
arunjchess 14:50 - 7 Jul 2014
message me!
cynthia 22:36 - 7 Jul 2014
First Puzzle, the Kings dance:
1.Kf2, hoping the opponent mistakes and goes out of the square, 1...,Kc6; 2.Kg2 (long opposition) 2...,Kd6; stays inside the square of the A pawn. 3.Kh3 (taunting the opponent) but Black doesn't fall for it 3...Kc6; 4.Kg4,Kd5; 5.Kg3 (triangulation),Kd6; 6.Kf4,Kd5; 7.Ke3 and now Black is in zugzwang, and will lose, hope I'm correct :-)
arunjchess 22:39 - 7 Jul 2014
:D Correct, indeed! @Cynthia

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