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First Chess-in-School event

Jan 14, 2015
Chessity staff post

First Chessity workshop at Tata Steel Chess

Tuesday, Januari 13, saw the first Chessity event at the Tata Steel tournament. A Chessity team consisting of frontman Janton supported by Regobert Eijkelkamp, Robert Ris and Alina L'Ami greeted a group of over 30 local schoolchildren that came to visit the famous chess tournament.

After a short welcome word Janton kicked of the Chessity presentation by asking the kids what they preferred.. chess or gaming. Well, gaming won by 28 over 2 votes! Then of course came the long awaited moment when the kids could try for themselves how 'Gaming your Training' actually works out at Chessity.




The group was divided over 4 laptops and introduced to the FrogGame from the Beginner course. This soon turned out to be a piece of cake for the youngsters who really raced through the levels.

Frog game
Frog game

Within 30 minutes one group actually ended up in the Intermediate section, solving 'double attack' puzzles with no trouble at all!

In the meantime another group, girls mainly, challenged IM Robert Ris for a game on one of the demonstration boards. To his surprise Robert suffered a painful defeat after some smart guy simply grabbed his queen from the board and ran away with it!I guess that's just one of the many tricks you can learn at Chessity...


In the end, the event certainly showed that chess can be gaming. And just as enjoyable as that!


Click here for more about the tournament >>


Stay tuned, more news will follow!

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