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New teacher dashboard now available!

Mar 10, 2017
Chessity staff post

Chessity for teachers just got a whole lot better! We are very happy to announce the new teacher dashboard (in beta) inside Chessity. If you have a coach profile, you’ll have noticed a facelift of your homepage, that now shows the actual progress and activity stats of your students. But the significant changes are inside, in the brand-new dashboard. All the tools you need to easily manage, monitor and motivate your students are there. 


The new dashboard allows you to:

  • Organize students into groups/classes and monitor each group/class separately
  • Easily determine a student’s progress through each level
  • Gain quick insights in terms of your student’s activity (learning and gaming), performance and trouble spots and exam progress
  • Use different parameters to filter data, measure skills and motivate students

Chessity as a chess teaching platform is constantly growing, changing and adapting. We are very proud of these dashboard improvements which are directly based on all the feedback we got from chess coaches that use Chessity. The new dashboard seamlessly integrates with how teachers already use Chessity with their students in schools and chess clubs. Are there students who have a hard time understanding checkmate? Group them together en give this group extra instruction. How wide do your students' chess levels range? Curious to know which students practice a lot at home? The information is just one mouse click away. We believe this update will make the life of all chess teachers a lot easier. 

Why beta?

We need still need to take care of some small issues, do some bug-fixing, text editing, etcetera. But we are so excited about the new dashboard that we didn’t want you to wait for it. We’re also anxious to get your feedback. If you see or feel that something is not right, let us know so that we can improve it or fix it.

If you don’t want to use the beta dashboard yet, simply ignore it and use the original dashboard – it’s still there.

Ready to get started? Read on!

If you teach chess and you want to use Chessity’s coach and teacher tools, you can enroll as coach to get access to the new dashboard following these instructions.

The quickest way to learn how to use the new teacher dashboard is by simply exploring.

How to use the new dashboard for teachers

As you know, Chessity is all about learning by doing and through making mistakes. The quickest way to learn how to use the new teacher dashboard is by simply exploring. Just click on checkboxes and student names, add parameters for filtering and find out what happens. Don’t worry, you’ll never lose student data and you can’t break anything.

To get you up to speed, here are a few things to help you find your way:

Easy access from home page

Chessity users with a coach profile no longer have their personal statistics panel on the homepage (though you can still access it through the menu option CoachCoach yourself).

Your homepage now displays four charts showing your students’ activity and progress stats. This is great for quick monitoring, but it also works as a super motivator for your students. Just show the stats to your class and your more competitive students will want to improve on the number of stars won or themes played. 

Click the button View dashboard for quick access to the new teacher dashboard. 


Customize view

The first thing you’ll notice is that the dashboard looks different. The new teacher dashboard is very versatile because it caters to chess teachers and coaches who use Chessity in different set-ups and have diverse needs. Changes are that you don’t want to see everything. Use the customize view panel to select the information you want the dashboard to display. Unchecking boxes will hide columns, condensing your view. 

All options checked:

Some options unchecked:


Group edit mode

The teacher dashboard allows you to easily create groups of students. You can use any criteria you want to create a group, for example, chess level, school class. It’s all up to you.

Create a group

In order to create a group, you must first make sure that your dashboard is in group edit mode (default mode). If you don’t see the group panel on the left, click the button Toggle group edit mode (1).

Click on New group (2) and enter a group name.


Add students to group

Your group is now added to the group panel. Add students by dragging the student avatar (with or without picture) to the group. Your students are now displayed in their group.

View group data only

You can now choose to filter your dashboard data for this group only. By clicking on the Current group menu you can select a group.


More options

Remove a student from a group by dragging the student name to the garbage bin.

  1. Rearrange the order of your group panels
  2. Collapse/extend the group panel to hide/show student names
  3. Edit group name
  4. Delete group (this will only delete the group, student accounts are unaffected)


Show/hide progress

Click on the button Show progress (Hide progress) to easily monitor individual student’s progress through the lessons (per level). Use the Customize view checkboxes to select the data you want to be displayed.

1. The green check indicates that a student has mastered this skill. He/she has earned the corresponding badge on his/her homepage. The icon is also displayed in color in your dashboard

2. No check indicates that this skill is not yet mastered. The badge/icon is displayed in gray tones on your student’s homepage and in the teacher dashboard

3. The green, yellow and red numbered boxes show how many stars your student has won in the lessons

  • green = 3 stars
  • yellow = 2 stars
  • red = 1 star
  • the number tells you how many times your student has played this lesson.


Filtering data

The teacher dashboard has extensive filtering options to help you monitor your students. You don’t need to spit through data and results to see how your students are doing. The dashboard will show everything you want to know in a few clicks.


4. Enter a value to filter your data. For instance, entering value 50 in this box will show you all student who have won exactly fifty stars at Pawn Level. <50 gives you all students who have less than fifty stars; >50 yields all student who have more than fifty stars.

5. Enter either 0 or 1 for skill not mastered or skill mastered.

6. Click on the arrows to change the sorting order.

Filtering student data by using one or multiple selection criteria helps you to gain insight into your students’ progress. For instance, a student with more that 80 stars at Pawn Level who still hasn’t mastered attackings, needs some extra attendance in class. If there are two or more students with the same problem, you can help them as a group.

7. Click on a student avatar to switch to his/her personal student dashboard. This is the same as the original Coach others tool. It gives you in-depth information about your student’s puzzle solving skills and chess understanding.

Just start using the dashboard. That's way less complicated that reading about it.

If you've read all the way to this point, you might have started to feel a bit baffled. But that's really not necessary. Just start using the dashboard. That's way less complicated that reading about it.

Viewing the dashboard on a regular basis is a great way to keep yourself appraised of not only what, but how your students are doing in Chessity. This will help you to make informed decisions about which direction to take for each student in your chess class.

Need help?

Get in touch with us at with any questions, comments or feedback!


Coming soon!

In the coming months, we’ll be releasing more new features to make using Chessity in your chess teaching even easier and save you valuable time. Plus, we’ll be adding new games and training material to increase your students’ fun in learning chess and enhance their chess skills.

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