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Recognizing targets to find the right tactical ideas

Jul 17, 2013

In a book I found the following intersting Position it is from the game Am. Rodriguez - Sorin Matanzas 1993

It is a good example of the helpful thinking technique to look for undefended or difficult defendet pieces or squares. In this positon the target is the g7 square it is not only not defendet it is also difficult defend in the future while white can build up an attack with:

1.e6 Bxe6 (after fxe6 the bishop on g4 is hanging) 2.h4 Kd7 (interesting is 2...0-0 3.h5 Ne7 4.h6 g6 5.Qe5 wins; or 2...Kf8 3.h5 Ne7 4.h6 g6 5.Bg5 and Qd6 and Ra1-a7; after 2...Rg8 f4 is possible).

3.h5 Ne7 Qxg7 and White wins a pawn with a good position.

An interesting idea to develop the habit of recognizing targets is to play through mastergames and to look for targets in whites and blacks camp and look how the grandmasters attack them.

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Alina 10:22 - 21 Jul 2013
Completely true, it is all in the hard work, experience and pattern recognition. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us and good luck in your further endeavours!
awesomedude_play 00:20 - 5 Feb 2014

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