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Surprising Benefits Of Playing Chess For Children

Apr 10, 2018, updated Apr 12, 2018

What is the first thought that crosses your mind when someone mentions chess? Do you see it as a game which can only be played by the intellectuals? Or probably, you visualize two elderly men hunched over a checkered board, being extremely picky about moving the playing pieces across just because they have nothing better to do, right?

Now, would you be surprised to learn that playing chess is quite beneficial not only for all adults but also for children?

Yes, you read that right! Children, especially those who are of school going age, can benefit immensely by learning this beautiful strategic game. Not convinced? Here's a really cool infographic from Chessalert that is sure to convince you.


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sigrun 11:48 - 21 Apr 2018
It is also beneficial for old people!
Wereldwijs 21:46 - 21 May 2018
Very nice to make paper copies of it and spread them throughout the school building!
yuvraj15 16:06 - 24 Jul 2018
yuvraj15 16:11 - 24 Jul 2018
yuvraj15 16:11 - 24 Jul 2018
yuvraj15 16:11 - 24 Jul 2018

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