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Stop hanging pieces 1/2

Apr 25, 2014
StaffCoach 2147

If you lose games by hanging pieces, our new game ‘route planner V2.0’ is something for you!

With this game you learn to have a better control of the potential of the pieces and you will improve your board visualization skill. It's all about the way you visualize the movement of the pieces in your mind’s eye.


I was 35 years old (pretty late…) when I found out that my board vision was limited. I solved this issue, but without Chessity that was very hard to do :-) But anyway, within a few months the calculating task becomes easier and also my “chess” memory became much stronger. From that point I started to win more games.


Chessity believes that an important foundation of a chess player is the way your mind can visualize the chess board. We believe that it is a trainable skill.


Let's take a look at the route planner game that trains your visualization skill:


   Route planner                   





The rules of the game

  • Your goal is to give check with the white piece on the board. Only the shortest solution counts.
  • Only white (you) will move a piece.
  • You are not allowed to place your piece on a square where it can be captured.
  • You are allowed to capture undefended black pieces.


route planner
route planner

  How you can find the route
  • First spot the square to check the king! A3 is the square in this position. Then find the route to the checking (a3) square!
  • Play the moves!
  • 1. Bc1 -- 2. Ba3+ 1-0


"Your visualization skill will improve because during the game the black pieces are hidden!"


Click here to start the training and stop losing your pieces!

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cynthia 16:38 - 25 Apr 2014
I believe this is the first site in the entire world to have such original tool for training.
My compliments to you and your staff for devising such useful exercise.
I love it, and it is really hard, especially when there are 7 Black pieces on the board.
meduzo 18:43 - 30 Aug 2014
Thanks for that great training tool. Please correct exercices with fixes.
Janton 22:18 - 30 Aug 2014
Thanks, we will!
enpassant1972 04:18 - 8 Sep 2014
Very interesting idea. But it's too much of a jump from 1 piece to 3 or 4. 1 piece was easy to remember, but 3-4 is impossible for me. It would be better to increase it 1 piece at a time. It would be challenging enough for me to remember where two pieces are.
Janton 09:35 - 8 Sep 2014
Thanks, did you play the route planner tpr? That game should learn what your level is and help you with the right exercises.

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