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Skyrocket your calculation

Apr 11, 2014
Chessity staff post

New calculation training at Master level

Looking for extraordinary chess skills? The secret weapon for this has been released by Chessity.

Chessity believes that the most important foundation of a chess player is the way your mind can visualize the chess board. We believe that it is a trainable skill.

Beginners, intermediate, and club players already use the visualization trainer  mini-games, route planners and a lot of other Chessity games complete with mini-tactics to upgrade your instant memory and your mind's eye.

If you are a PRO on those levels, then it’s time to make the next big step forward. Skyrocket your calculation skills and win more games!

Master training 1
Master training 1

How can you master your calculation?

Developed especially to improve your calculation skills, Yochanan Afek presents something very special for you.

International Master Yochanan Afek created Punch lines from well known studies. A punch line is commonly found at the end of a difficult study. Every punch line is based on a well known theme, like forks, pins, etc. The beauty of the punch line makes the learning process much more enjoyable. Let's look to an example of a punch line study:


Yochanan Afek
Yochanan Afek

If you are still not convinced why we make use of endgame studies, here are three other reasons you should know about:

  1. In the past endgame studies were actively used as a training method by the Soviet School of Chess! The main contribution of the Soviet School of Chess was not the style of their players, but instead, their emphasis on rigorous training and the study of the game. One of the Goals of Chessity is to make rigorous training fun! You can read how we do this in this article about the theme trainer
  2. Endgame studies are famous because they broaden your range of ideas and help you to become more creative while playing at the chess board!
  3. In endgame studies, the chess board is as empty as possible. This helps you to learn about the power of the chess pieces and the magic of their harmony in the purest way!

If you want to learn very concrete calculations, and you want to improve your game, this Master training program will exceed your expectations!


chess levels
chess levels

Now you know why the Master training has been created for you. Success is just around the corner. This just-released master course by Chessity can be your holy grail. So, what are you waiting for, give it a go!


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