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Battle - Erwin en Robert in new Chessity (video)

Dec 13, 2015
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Battle - Erwin en Robert in new Chessity




The coming Chessity release of December 16 was preceded by a volunteer meeting. It was a chance to come together, take a look at the renewed games for the coming release, and invite some renowned chess players. Many of the volunteers were excited to get a glimpse of the new games. As an extra treat, they had a chance to see Erwin l’Ami and Robert Ris in a Chessity showdown. Their battle demonstrated the games as they tried to beat each other in a head-to-head chess match-up.

In the clip, you can see this battle from beginning to end, narrated in sports fashion by Janton van Apeldoorn. There are four games demonstrated in the video, and we’ll discuss each of the games below.

The first game a game with five stages, represented by four lily pads. Each player is shown as a frog on the screen, and has to reach the final lily pad. To move along, the player has to solve a small puzzle. When the puzzle is solved, the frog leaps to the next lily pad. The first player to solve all five puzzles the fastest wins the game.

The second game is completely new, and takes place against the backdrop of a futuristic race. Two rockets will do three laps in the race, and the better each player is at solving the puzzle in the middle, the faster his or her rocket will fly. Even more interesting, making a mistake will severely slow down the rocket. After three laps, the first player to cross the finish line will win the game. In the video, it’s clear to see how the race can change at any moment, depending on the skill and speed of the player. This adds an exciting layer to the usual thrill of the games.

Next is the castle race. This is a classic Chessity game with some new changes to make the game more appealing to younger players. The screen shows two towers with one king on the bottom of each tower. As puzzles are solved, the king moves up the different windows of the castle tower to reach the top.

Finally, there is a brand-new game based on an age-old concept: World Cup. The screen shows both players the same exercise, and when one finds the solution, the World Cup starts to shift to one side of the screen. Each small win gets it closer to one player’s side. This tug-of-war continues until one player brings home the World Cup. This game can last a long time, because evenly matched players will keep shifting the balance, until one player can make a breakthrough.

Erwin and Robert do everything to make the battle a thrilling match. After three games, the score between them still isn’t settled, and Erwin has one last chance to tie the battle in the fourth game. Watch the video to see if Erwin can level things out between the two of them.



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