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Chessto keeps chess learners in the flow (Release News #4)

Oct 9, 2018, updated Oct 24, 2018
Chessity staff post

As a teacher your time is a precious resource. That’s why we created Chessto. In a previous blog, we described Chessto’s role as a fully adaptive virtual chess teacher. But that’s not all Chessto does to lighten you workload.

Do you sometimes get tired of checking the children's progress over multiple application dashboards, deciding what learning paths suit them best and selecting assignments for each individual student? We know how time-consuming these things can be.

Wouldn’t it be great to have someone to take over these tasks? Well, in Chessity you have. And his name is... Chessto. Additional to his teaching role, Chessto guides your students in their learning process. Fully personalized and tailored to the needs of the chess learner, he coaches your students on their way to one of the six chess exams in Chessity.

Chessto keeps students in the flow

Flow Theory has been around for some fourty years and most educators are aware of how valuable a state of flow is for learners. Students in the flow engage deeply with their lessons. They want to learn for learning’s sake, and perform at the top of their potential. But to make flow happen, a number of conditions must be met. Studens need clear goals and immediate feedback, for instance. They also need a sense of personal control and quick results. Chessity is build around these principles. Moreover, as a teacher you have Chessto as your helper, with just-in-time coaching.

Chessto keeps an eye on which lesson(s) a child still needs to do n order to get a new badge on his or her way through a level in the learning path.

Once a week, Chessto distributes these lessons to the student as a special mission. Mission accomplished? Then a new badge will be displayed on the homepage and the child is one a step closer to completing the level and entering the exam.

As soon as all stickers have been received, the student can take the exam. The exam icon automatically shows up on the students homepage:

Remediation by Chessto

If a student fails the exam, Chessto takes action again. He analyses the mistakes that the child made during the exam. On the basis of this, he compiles a package of lessons that need to be practised in order to pass the resit. 

Engaged learning, relaxed teaching

Chessto's guidance, both in the exam coaching and during the lessons, ensures that children learn chess even more efficiently, so that they can quickly obtain chess diplomas and stay engaged in learning.

As a teacher, you can simply rely on Chessto to coach your students. This saves you time for personal contact with the children. Or a game of on-the-board chess. Or to prepare the next geography lesson or grade papers. Or maybe to simply sit back with a cup of coffee while you reload for the rest of the school day. 

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