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Chessity workshops for kids at Tata Steel Chess

Jan 29, 2016
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The Tata Steel tournament in Wijk aan Zee is one of the world’s biggest and most prestigious chess tournaments in the world. Nicknamed ‘the Wimbledon of chess’, this tournament attracts the world’s very best players, a lot of attention, and thousands of amateurs who’ll come to play and watch. 

As a proud sponsor of this tournament, Chessity gave a chess workshop to a group of about 40 students. First, the students were introduced to the basics of chess by Robert Ris and given an introduction to all the pieces and basic strategies.

After the introductory lessons, the kids took to the computers and engaged in chess using the Chessity gaming system. The unique Chessity learning environment helped them apply the lessons they’d learned in a passionate and focused way.

The energy and focus that the children were giving the Chessity gaming environment shows just how well the Chessity approach works. After just a brief introduction, students are able to get a hands-on experience with chess in a very appealing way.

 Aside from learning about chess, the children also got a tour through the tournament facilities, where they walked around the playing hall. The Tata Steel tournament is very busy; thousands of people come to visit, and the students must have gotten a great impression of the magnitude of the tournament.

The Tata Steel tournament really attracts a lot of world class players. One of them is Anish Giri, the foreign-born Dutch prodigee, who will most likely be playing for the world title in a few years or so. And of course Magnus Carlsen was there, the current world champion and one of the biggest chess players in history, also known for his sportsmanship.


One of the ambassadors present was Nick Schilder, half of the famous Dutch music duo Nick and Simon. He’s a big time chess player as well, and you can see just how interested the children are. After the chessity workshop, there was even a chance for them to play Nick in the VIP room, as you can see in the video.

The photo gallery ends with a picture of Nick again, a very popular singer in the Netherlands. It’s good to see someone with a lot of fans come to a tournament like this.

In short, Chessity was present as a sponsor at the Tata Steel tournament to give a workshop to students, where they learned how to play chess and got familiar with the ‘Wimbledon of Chess’. It is quite special to be there as Chessity. There was even a lot more going on, where we went to the Telstar soccer stadium, and are at different locations throughout the country, but this was till day three.


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