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Celebrate achievements with Chessity's new chess diplomas (Release News #3)

Oct 4, 2018
Chessity staff post

Have you ever seen a child filled with joy and pride as he or she achieved a goal? Or witnessed students who were celebrated for their accomplishments? It is the power of celebrations that helps boost self-esteem and motivates children to want to learn and achieve even more. 

A school year full of diploma celebrations

Chessity knows how important it is to celebrate children's achievements. That is why we have expanded our programme: students can now take chess exams and obtain chess diploma's in all levels from Pawn to King! After hard practise they can see their efforts rewarded with a real chess diploma, how much fun is that?

All the benefits of our chess exams at a glance:

  • A lot of diploma celebrations
  • Students can take an exam as soon as they are ready for it
  • The avatar shows the highest exam that was passed
  • Chessto helps in the lessons and coaches in the learning process
  • Chessto coaches students who failed an exam to a successful resit
  • Exams can be used as a level test for new students who can already play chess

In the Netherlands, where we first rolled out this new diploma system right after the summer holidays, this has already proven a huge succes: more than 1200 chess diplomas were obtained within the first month! Since august, we have been bombarded by enthusiastic reactions from teachers who see how much motivation and energy this brings to the classroom. So we are thrilled to now expand this feature to the rest of the world.

As a teacher, you can leave the exam preparation and remediation to Chessto.

Chessto as a personal exam coach

Our popular artificial-intelligency robot Chessto, the fully adaptive virtual chess teacher in Chessity, plays an important role in the exam prepartion. Chessto keeps an eye on each student's progress. His analysis shows exactly which lesson(s) a student still needs to complete to get a new sticker on his or her way to the next exam. Once a week Chessto assigns these lesson(s) to the student as a special mission.

Mission accomplished? Then a new badge will be displayed on the homepage and the student is one a step closer to their chess diploma.

As soon as all stickers have been received, the student can take the exam. The exam icon automatically shows up on the students homepage:

Chessto's guidance, both in the exam coaching and during the lessons, ensures that the students learn even more efficiently, so that they can quickly obtain chess diplomas and stay engaged in learning chess.

If a student fails the exam, Chessto takes action again. He analyses the mistakes that were made during the exam and on the basis of this he compiles a package of lessons that need to be practised order to pass the resit. As a teacher you can leave the exam preparation and remediation to Chessto without any worries (although it is always possible to view the exam results yourself).

Avatar shows chess level: virtual status symbol

A new feature is that the avatars in Chessity now show the user's chess level. If you have passed the Pion exams, a pawn will appear next to your profile picture. Passed the Bishop exam? Then there is a bishop in your avatar. This level indication is a virtual status symbol and has a super-motivating effect.

Diploma celebrations: work hard, party hard

For students who have passed an exam, the teacher can download and print a chess diploma in the coach tool Exams. It gives a student great joy and encouragement to receive his or her diploma during a celebration and to be able to proudly show it to staff, parents and other familiy menbers. But the cheerfulness of a diploma celebration also inspires the other children in the group to do their best: 'Hey, I want that, too!"

With the new chess exams in Chessity, you'll be celebrating a lot this school year. Enjoy!

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CookieChocolate140 14:46 - 3 Dec 2018
Wow, what nice! Chessto sucessfully help me by each day. I have a Pawn diploma <3

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