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Tactics battle event

Jun 26, 2012
Chessity staff post

Chess tactics battle event


Every weekend, we will organize three chess tactics battle events at Chessity! The free events will start at Saterday 12:00 CET, Sunday 12:00 CET and 20:00 CET (18:00 GMT) and will last for 30 minutes!


Every week new awards                       

Every week the three winners will win a one month premium subscription!

Visual tour

Event rules                                           Visual tour>>

1. The event will last 30 minutes and will be played using the Chessbox game format only. 

2. Every chessplayer solves chess puzzles on his/her own level!

3. To win the tournament, you need to collect game points.

Chess box game

Chess box game rules                              More>>

1. Collect points to win this game! The most important thing here is picking the right chess boxes! Apart from solving the chess puzzles of course.

2. Each chess box contains a chess puzzle with a different level of difficulty. In addition, we put points, bombs or free rides to success in your chess boxes.

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