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Attempting to postpone senility

Jun 8, 2013

In about 3 months I will reach the tender age of 70. A couple of months ago I decided to re-pick up playing chess after a leave of absence of over 4 decades.  I've been retired for over 7 years and have discovered that not only is, "The idle mind is the devil's workshop," but also, "The idle mind can become a glob of tapioca." In order to avoid either of the two aformentioned outcomes, I embarked on an exercise program for my brain.

I have several things in my favor.

1. Being retired, I have ample time for study and playing against the computer.

2. I have found that several of my friends love the game.

3. I have two grandkids (ages 9 & 5) who are learning the game. (In teaching them, I am reteaching myself.)

I intend to post progress (Hopefully) reports from time to time.

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Janton 17:05 - 9 Jun 2013
A great goal, and we are ready to support your training!
Brt 23:26 - 9 Jun 2013
I think you are right in thinking that the brain needs to be trained to keep absolutely fit, just like muscles. Physical activities and Chess must be a perfect combination :-)
utopia65_play 10:27 - 10 Jun 2013
bravo a vous et bonne continuation avous!!!
Alina 19:40 - 21 Jun 2013
It is said that chess is really good for patients of Alzheimer's disease as it helps them in retaining their memory. Blood circulation becomes better as stress is released after playing chess. It actually gives people time to relax and enjoy a thrilling moment.
I'm just saying this for the times you will be over 100, not now - obviously!
And of course: GOOD LUCK! Keep us posted:)
shil916 10:31 - 29 Jun 2013
I, too, have started playing after about 30 years and enjoying it. I am progressing slowly. Hope you are enjoying it and keep you away from Alzheimer's.

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