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Carlsen-Anand: Game 7

Nov 17, 2014
StaffCoachIGMLessenmakers 2565

After a small break -one of your commentators had to play a bit of chess himself- Robert Ris and Erwin l'Ami are back for a recap of game 7. Today was a Berlin Wall and the players were long following a recent game between Giri and Radjabov. On move 25 Anand tried to improve upon this game and by clicking on the video below you can see wether he succeeded in doing so! Enjoy!

Game 7:

Match Score:

Anand   |½|0|1|½|½|0|½  3
Carlsen |½|1|0|½|½|1|½  4

Any thought, remarks, questions? Find us on twitter (@Chessity / @robertris / @erwinlami) or use the commentary box below!

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kirsch 23:54 - 17 Nov 2014
thank you very much for the review! my twitter account is @kirsch_chess as I found out there's a whole world of real time info (including from Chessity), I had to open one so it is another way for anyone to get in touch about chess!

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