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Great e-tool for teaching chess: digital chess demo board

Aug 31, 2017
Chessity staff post

Still using a physical chess demo board? Here's why you won't be needing it any longer: Chessity provides chess coaches and teachers with a superb e-tool for chess teaching: a digital chess demonstration board.

It instantly converts any IWB, smartboard or computer screen into a versatile online chess demo board for your chess classes or training sessions.

Great for classroom instruction!

All-in-1 chess teaching on the interactive whiteboard

As a digital chess teaching method, Chessity is fully suitable for use on schools' interactive whiteboards (IWB's). Simply connect your computer or tablet to the IWB and the board will interactively display any lesson, training example or game. This is easy to use and saves time.

But you may want to set up other positions on the smartboard as well. To analyze a game, show an interesting mate pattern or discuss some tricky tactics with your students.

Many chess teachers are still dragging and hassling with wooden or metal chess demo boards. These physical demo boards are both impractical and an extra expense for the school, chess academy or club.

Besides: a digital teaching board is much more versatile. Many coaches have asked us to build an online chess teaching board in Chessity to make their old demo board obsolete.

That why we created the IWB-tool, that looks like this:

The digital chess demo board enables you to:

  • Easily set up positions: pieces are placed or removed with a single click
  • Move pieces against the rules or create impossible positions, like this one:

 stalemate ...

  • Put coins or flags on the chess board to create your own games

  • Draw colored arrows of color any square to create visual clues to indicate attacks, threats, strategical plans or safe and unsafe squares. It's a great help to improve your students' chess skills.

More advantages:

  • A good large size: even students sitting at the back of the classroom can follow your instruction
  • No more looking for lost pieces or gluing back loose magnets
  • No need to bring you demo board or store it away


The new digital chess demo board is one of your Coach-tools in Chessity:

Choose this icon:

How to use the online chess demonstration board?

Our new e-tool enables you to use the build-in demo board in the same way as you use your traditional, physical chess demo board for chess teaching.

It is so easy to use that you will feel comfortable enough to introduce it in your next chess class: 

Placing or removing pieces

Pick up the piece you want by clicking it. Then, drag it to the desired square or simply click on that square. Removing pieces is done by clicking on the piece once again or by dragging it from the chess board. It is also possible to replace it with another piece. Putting coins or flags on the board works the same way.

Setting up or removing all pieces

Click on the empty chess board icon to clear the board.

Click on the initial set-up icon to set up the starting position.

Coloring squares: first, click on a color. Next, click on the square that you want to mark. Repeat to undo.

Coloring multiple squares: first, click on an area color (button with corners). Next, click on the border squares of the area you wish to mark. Repeat to undo.

Drawing arrows: first, click on an arrow. Click and hold down the mouse button to drag the arrow. Repeat to undo.

Clearing markings: click on the wiper to clear all markings.

Easy chess teaching with e-tools

Our goal is to make things easier for chess teachers and to constantly improve on the chess learning and teaching process. So we constantly work on developing features that enable chess coaches to do things more effectively and keep your chess classes running smoothly. Chessity offers you a unique set of chess teaching tools:

Manage students: e-tool for classroom and account management

Add coach banner: personalise your students' learning environment by adding the school logo or another visual. You can also use this tool to display sponsor banners

Dashboard: follow your students' progress

Student dashboard: this dashboard gives teachers tailormade insights into their students learning process and progression. It enables you to easily group students based on skill level or other parameters. 

Demo board: the digital chess demo board.

Stay tuned

There's much more to come as we work hard to develop educational technology to enhance your chess teaching. You can help us with your feedback. We would love to hear your thoughts!

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ashtanga 16:39 - 10 Nov 2017
It seems like one main benefit of this compared to using Chessbase on a smartboard is that with chessity, you can physically touch the screen to make the move you wish to make. Interesting!

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