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Lessons to be learned from Tata Steel Chess (Part 2)
by Frank on Feb 2, 2017   122   0
Beginners at chess often think that grandmasters are infallible. But they are not. Even grandmasters of chess make mistakes. Even the world champion can mis...
Tata Steel and chess: the longest sports sponsorship?
by JacquelineW on Jan 28, 2017   138   0
In 1938, Hoogovens lend its name to the first edition of a small chess tournament in Beverwijk. 79 years later, the steel company – now Tata Steel – is stil...
Every chess lesson should celebrate the fun of chess
by JacquelineW on Jan 24, 2017   230   0
‘Inspired’ is almost an understatement to describe chess teacher Huub van der Logt. He passionately explains his vision on chess teaching. “Every chess ...
Lessons to be learned from Tata Steel Chess (Part 1)
by Frank on Jan 24, 2017   201   0
Do you think grandmasters’ games are too difficult to follow for beginners? Let’s have a look at what the chess players have been doing during the first six r...
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