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First Chessity Pawn Diploma awarded in Brazil
by JacquelineW on Apr 28, 2017   522   6
Maria Elisa Prado Texeira is the first chess student in Brazil who has been awarded the Chessity Pawn Diploma! The diploma was presented to her yesterday by Marcel Pruijt...
New e-tool for teaching chess: digital chess demo board
Chessity on Apr 21, 2017   1320   0
Still using a physical chess demo board? Here's why you won't be needing it any longer: Chessity now provides chess coaches and teachers with a new e-tool for chess teach...
Race your own Formula 1 car in the new racing game
Chessity on Apr 13, 2017   426   0
Chessity has a special gift for all young Formula 1 fans: a new chess learning game in which you get to drive your own Formula 1 car. The new racing game is included in t...
Why all Formula 1 drivers should play chess
by JacquelineW on Mar 23, 2017   803   2
When three-time Formula One World Champion Lewis Hamilton was asked to name a second favorite sport, the Mercedes driver's answer surprised many: "Do you know that I have...
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