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Frog Race: Learn different chess moves while racing frogs with other players
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Do boys and girls learn chess differently?
Chessity on Nov 30, 2019, updated Dec 3, 2019   1367   1
Boys are better at learning to play chess than girls… or are they?  There is no doubt that in chess, there is a gender inequality between men and wome...
Why chess for children? This video explains it
by JacquelineW on May 15, 2019   4176   0
Chess is a game that is 1.400 years old. How come that today it is regarded as an important educational activity? The European Chess Union answers this que...
How to successfully get schools hooked on chess in...
Chessity on Jan 25, 2019   6989   3
Do you want to introduce chess to your local school? Do you want children and teachers to experience how fun and easy it is to learn chess with Chessity? Or would you lik...
Energizing chess collaboration: Tata Steel Chess and...
Chessity on Jan 24, 2019, updated Jan 25, 2019   2313   0
There's something magic about January. In this quiet, wintery month, the chess world sparkles into the new year with the Tata Steel Chess Tournament in Wijk aan Zee.&nb...
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