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Meet Chessity’s teaching bots: your one-on-one...
by JacquelineW on Nov 25, 2016   280   2
Have you done any chess lessons at Chessity lately? Then you will have noticed that things have changed a bit. That’s because Chessity’s teaching bots have en...
World Champ Match Round 8: Brave Magnus vs...
by Katerina on Nov 23, 2016   246   2
The World Championship Match 2016 between Norwegian World Champion IGM Magnus Carlsen and Russian challenger IGM Sergey Karjakin is taking on a new load of excitement. Af...
Chess can rescue a kid from academic failure (the...
by JacquelineW on Nov 15, 2016   630   2
As Chessity celebrates its 5th anniversary, read the story of founder Janton van Apeldoorn. His personal history explains Chessity’s origin and mission.  &nbs...
A better Chessity to celebrate our 5th anniversary
Chessity on Nov 11, 2016   518   2
Today is Chessity’s 5th birthday. As we mark this milestone, it’s you we want to celebrate. That’s why we have a special present for you. With our bigge...
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