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Improve your chess with the personal dashboard
Chessity on Feb 22, 2018   1081   2
How far have you progressed with the chess lessons in Chessity? What are the strengths and weaknesses of your chess? And: how can you improve yourself? Insight into you...
Meet Chessto, your virtual chess teacher
Chessity on Jan 17, 2018, updated Jan 18, 2018   1387   3
Chessity has released the biggest update since the start of the program. The most striking new feature is the chess teaching robot Chessto. Chessto is our newest developm...
Chessity for fourth year in a row official partner...
Chessity on Jan 15, 2018, updated Jan 16, 2018   984   0
The 80th edition of the Tata Steel Chess Tournament in Wijk aan Zee is on its way, and once more, the tournament organization has teamed up with Chessity. For the&...
Great e-tool for teaching chess: digital chess demo...
Chessity on Aug 31, 2017   4413   1
Still using a physical chess demo board? Here's why you won't be needing it any longer: Chessity provides chess coaches and teachers with a superb e-tool for chess teachi...
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