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It's raining chess certificates in São...
by catamara1 on Jan 2, 2019   114   1
After a year of hard work, students from Colégio Catamarã (São Paulo, Brazil) are awarded Chessity Certificates. Students who are in the same class r...
Chessity diplomas at the Santa Cruz School
by santacruz1 on Jan 1, 2019, updated Jan 2, 2019   70   3
The Santa Cruz School in São Paulo, Brazil, adopted "Chessity" for the chess class. Students  learn Chess with joy and receive diplomas each time they reach a...
Beautiful inspiration from Budapest
by JacquelineW on Oct 16, 2018   919   1
For the fourth year in a row, Judit Polgars’s annual Global Chess Festival in Budapest inspired the world with a beautiful message: chess has a thousand different...
The binding power of chess: A lesson from Judit Polgar
by JacquelineW on Oct 10, 2018, updated Oct 11, 2018   1175   0
To many people chess is a pleasant pastime, a board game they can play with a friend. Others see it as a form of art, a theme that inspires literary pieces, dance and m...
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