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Who is your chess hero? (#chesshero)

Jan 14, 2017
StaffCoach 1312

Today, we officially launched our #ChessHero campaign! (We’ve already done some warming-up, so you may have noticed). There’s a champion in everyone and chess is a great means to find that inner champion. Together with Tata Steel Chess, we are looking for chess heroes worldwide.

Who can qualify as a chess hero? Everyone. The timid girl who builds self-confidence by playing chess. The boy who learns patience and concentration through chess. The dad who supports his kid in mastering piece movement. The teacher who decides it’s time for a chess-in-school project. The rather mediocre chess player who participates in the Tata Steel Chess amateur tournament for the 30th year.

Being a chess hero is not about being a chess champion like Magnus Carlsen (fair enough, he and all the other top players are chess heroes as well!), but about being a chess champion in your own personal way. Who is your chess hero? Use the hashtag #ChessHero on social media (@Chessity) to put them in the spotlight on! Or write a blog about your chess hero, here at Chessity (here's how you do that).

(And stay tuned! We have some exciting news to share with you, shortly!)

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smitser 01:48 - 19 Feb 2017
My hero is Loek van Wely 7 times Dutch champion and i think he will have a great political career as well :
clarencio 16:39 - 17 May 2017

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