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Creating Problems to your opponent

Nov 9, 2014
Coach 2255
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Leitao, Rafael Duailibe - Inarkiev, Ernesto 1-0

FIDE World Cup 2013.08.13

This were some of my analysis made for my students..Most of the analysis are of Leitao and I have added some variations....You can find my inspiration at the end of this game.

BD_3105_228_0.pngDiagram #1


In the first round of the World Cup 2013 in Tromso.I was paried against a tough opponent:russian super gm Ernesto Inarkiev. After two draw in the normal time control we has to meet again in the rapids.Having achieved almost no advantage in my white game I was forced to do some work the night before the aim was to find a new idea in my opponent's Chebanenko Slav setup. I am no early win seeker- I just wanted a playeable and fresh position. That suits me just fine.I managed to find a small idea to put some problems for black.


BD_3105_228_1.pngDiagram #2


Immediately posing some problems for black

1... Nf6 (1... Nxe5 This is the natural continuation and I spent most of my analysis time here ( Koravi sir1... c5 2.Nxd7 Bxe4?

BD_3105_228_2.pngDiagram #3

( Kxd7 3.dxc5 Bxe4 ( Bxc5 4.Qh4 +/= ) 4.cxb6 +/= ) 3.Nxb6 Rb8 4.f3 Bf5 ( Bxf3?

BD_3105_228_3.pngDiagram #4

( Bg6 5.a4?!

BD_3105_228_4.pngDiagram #5

( 5.Ba5! +- )5... Rxb6 6.axb5 Kd7 7.Rxa6 Rxa6 8.bxa6 +- ) 5.Bxf3 Rxb6 6.dxc5 Bxc5 ( Rb8 7.Bc6+ Ke7 8.b4 +- ) 7.Rc1 Bf8 8.Bc6+ Ke7 9.Ba5 Rb8 10.Bc7 Rc8 11.Bb7 Re8 +- ) 5.a4!! 5... Rxb6 6.axb5 axb5?

BD_3105_228_5.pngDiagram #6

7.Ra8+ Kd7 8.dxc5 Rb7 9.Kf2 +- ) 2.Qxe5 White's idea is that it is difficult for black to complete his development.2... c5 3.O-O Qd6! The critical position in the end I decided white could fight for the advantage in the endgame after ( Koravi sir Bd6?!

BD_3105_228_6.pngDiagram #7

4.Qxg7 O-O-O ( Ke7?

BD_3105_228_7.pngDiagram #8

5.Bh5 hitting the weak f7 square5... Rhf8 6.e4 And bishop gets into the attack) 5.Qxf7 +/- ))


The position is already unpleasant for black, In practice it is even worse since the natural moves are not enough

2... c5?

BD_3105_228_8.pngDiagram #9


This natural looking move is a fatal mistake.However, it is not easy to find a good move for instance


BD_3105_228_9.pngDiagram #10


Actually I haven't prepared the move 13...c5 and this was a typical mistake. Unfortunately, during the tournaments it is sometimes not possible to anlyse the postiion in big detail, so we have to work very fast, sometimes not giving proper attention to some natural "human moves". Remember what I suggest in this article : analyse the position yourself and only then check it with the computer. Using this system I would certainly have noticed the 14... c5 move which, of course, isn't considered by the machine. Fortunately in this case I was able to find the solution in the board.

3... Bd6 4.Bxf7+ Ke7 5.Qg5!

BD_3105_228_10.pngDiagram #11


to be honest I thought my opponent would resign here

5... Bxe5 6.Qxg7?!

BD_3105_228_11.pngDiagram #12

( 6.Bh5! There was some discussion on the internet about whether it was possible to find such a calm move in over the board play.The fact is that white is easily winning after it.6... Kf8 7.Qxe5 Nxh5 8.Qxh5 +- )

6... Ne8!

BD_3105_228_12.pngDiagram #13


this was the move that I missed

7.Qxe5 Kxf7 8.dxc5 ( 8.Qxh8?

BD_3105_228_13.pngDiagram #14

8... Nf6 and suddenly my queen is trapped and from a winning position I have a loosing one)

8... Qc7 9.Qh5+ Kf8 10.Bc3 +/-

Anyway, black's position is practically lost.I have three pawns and a strong attack on his king.The presence of opposite coloured bishops also helps the attack. In the end I was able to win the game.

10... Ng7 11.Qh6 Rd8 12.O-O Rg8 13.Rad1 Kf7 14.Qf6+ Ke8 15.f3 Rd7 16.Qg5 Kf7 17.e4 Ne8 18.Qh5+ Rg6 19.Qxh7+ Ng7 20.Rxd7+ Qxd7 21.Qh4 Kg8 22.Qf4 Nh5 23.Qe5 Nf6 24.h4 Qf7 25.Rd1 Kh7 26.Rd8 Qg7 27.Rd2 Qh6?

BD_3105_228_14.pngDiagram #15


BD_3105_228_15.pngDiagram #16

28... Rg7 29.Rxg7+ Kxg7 30.Qg5+


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cvideo 15:53 - 19 Nov 2015
I am just studying the Meran Variation. I've never seen such a marvellous analysis in the Net. Peter

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