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New release brings even more familiy chess fun

Oct 1, 2020, updated Nov 18, 2020
Chessity staff post

Since the Covid-19 crisis, Chessity has been very popular with families. With more time at home, it's great fun to learn chess and train your brain in a playful way.

Until now, families made use of the learning environment for schools. We carefully analyzed how families use Chessity and listened to suggestions from parents. With that data, we've set to work to build a whole new Chessity experience for families.

From now on, families get a renewed website, specially built around convenience, motivation and even more fun for the whole family.

Your family is a team

If you are logged in to chesstiy you will experience the new family website. On the new family screen, parents can now easily manage the profiles of their children and all players can see the progress of all family members. In your family's trophee cabinet, all individual and collective achievements of the whole family are presented. Good for the family team spirit!

Profile cards per player

The player profile card shows all your achievements. Select your profile card and directly access your personal player environment.

Add more players? In 2 clicks you can add an extra profile on the family screen.

Fewer passwords to remember

Do your kids always log in with their own username and password? That is still possible. They will enter their personal player environment directly, but will not have access to the family screen.

To start from the family page, your children must log in with the username and password of your family account. From there, the profile cards give access to their own user environment. So the good news is: you need to remember fewer passwords!

Cherish your trophies... your family trophy cabinet

1. Live scores family tournament

The live score and standing of your family team in the weekly family tournament.

2. Prizes won

All the cups your family team has already won in the weekly family tournaments.

3. Who got a diploma?

Check here to see who has earned a diploma recently. Print the diploma and celebrate! Who's next to get a diploma?


The more players in your family team, the greater the chance of winning a cup in the weekly competition. In your family account, 5 people are allowed to participate. So feel free to create profiles for more children, friends or family members.

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Aditi2013 15:00 - 28 Mar 2021
Yeah, learning at chessity helps us keep playing chess but not normal chess.
Aditi2013 15:01 - 28 Mar 2021
I did not know that the robot who normally helps us at chess is called Chessto.
BeatrizGurfinkel 16:03 - 27 Apr 2021
Mathis1 15:16 - 11 Dec 2021
Parent_play 15:43 - 11 Dec 2021

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