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Jan 6, 2014
StaffCoach 2147

Pillsbury - Steinitz 0-1

Today we have released a PGN blog uploader. The Chessity software will automatically create a blog from the file you upload. We hope you like this new function and that you will upload your own analyses and games. You can share your game-blogs within twitter and facebook. Nice for your friends and for Chessity ;-)

We will add a special gameviewer in this blog within a few weeks!

I created my first blog by uploading a game analysed by Dr. Euwe, the one and only Dutch World Champion.

1.d4 d5 2.c4 dxc4 3.Nf3 e6 4.e3 c5 5.Nc3 Nc6 6.Bxc4 Nf6 7.O-O cxd4 8.exd4 Be7 9.Bf4 O-O 10.Rc1 Qb6 11.Nb5 Ne8

Typical Steinitz. Rather than weaken his pawns he is willing to retreat to the back rank

12.Re1 Na5 13.Bd3 Bd7 14.Nc7

BD_2_4_0.pngDiagram #1

14... Rc8 (14... Nxc7? 15.Bxc7 Qb4 16.a3 loses a piece removing the guard)


BD_2_4_1.pngDiagram #2


The point of White's play

( 15.Nxe8! +- houdini!)

15... exd5 16.Rxe7

BD_2_4_2.pngDiagram #3


White has obtained two advantages: the Bishop pair and a Rook on the 7th rank. It appears later that neither of these offer any real advantage at all. The Bishops cannot do much for the time being, and the Rook on e7 is in some danger of being cut off with ... Be6. Meanwhile White has to cope with direct attack down the b-file, and on the other flank with a possible attack on his d-pawn with ... Bg4

16... Nf6 17.Ng5

BD_2_4_3.pngDiagram #4

( 17.Re2 Bg4 18.Rcc2 Rxc2 19.Rxc2 Bxf3 20.gxf3 Nc6 Black has all the chances)

17... Bg4

BD_2_4_4.pngDiagram #5

( 17.-- Nxh7 18.Nxh7 Rxd7 overloaded Nf6)

17... Bxh7+ (17... f3 (17... Qd2 18.Rxc1+ Qxc1 19.Qxd4 removing the discovered check) 18.Qxd4+)

18.Nxh7 Qxg4 19.Rxc1+ Bxc1 20.Nf6 Qd1 21.Nc6 Re1 22.Qxd4

From now on the leading role in the game will be played by Black's isolated by passed d-pawn

22... Nf3

BD_2_4_5.pngDiagram #6

23.Qb6 ( 23.Qxd1 Rxd1 24.Rd8 Nd4 the passed pawn is stopped)

23... Bg5! 24.Qxb2 Re2

BD_2_4_6.pngDiagram #7

( Bxf6 25.gxf6 Qxd5 White should have been content with clearing up the position)

25.Qb5! 25... Bxf6 26.gxf6 Rd2 27.Rd8 Nh4

BD_2_4_7.pngDiagram #8

( Nd4 More chancees of holding out)


Because of his superiority in maneuvering space, Black can easily defend his King

28... Rd3 29.Ne5 Rb3 30.Qc6 Rg3+ 31.Kf8

BD_2_4_8.pngDiagram #9

31... Qd2? (31... Nf5! =/+ houdini)


BD_2_4_9.pngDiagram #10


Steinitz is not worried about the White attack, which will consist of merely a few checks

32... Qh6+ 33.Ke7 Nf5+ 34.Kd7 h4 35.Qc1+ Qxc1 36.Rxc1+ Kh2 37.d3

The defender should not weaken his position unless absolutely compelled to do so. 


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Chesscoach 22:08 - 6 Jan 2014
farbror 07:18 - 19 Jan 2014
Maybe you could write a blog on how to publish a game from a pgn-file (how to get nice annotations using arrows, colours etc)?

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