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training advise 2

Oct 18, 2013
StaffCoach 1730

So you want to improve you're ELO rating? : Do not only play your favorites.

Chessity has some amzing tools to improve your playing level. Honestly, 3 month ago I did not even know the right positioning of the chess board (black square in left hand corner). My current rating is 1864! And I don't read books, have no personal trainer and only play chessity.

I'm hooked on the TPR puzzles but every once in a while I force myself to play one of the other games or train with one of the learning tools.

As an example : Play blind routes! It is difficult to understand why playing this game would improve your level. But it does.

Not convinced?

Ever seen the Karate Kid movie?


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gertrooijakkers 12:06 - 21 Oct 2013
With blind routes you mean the Route Planner TPR and Route Planner Mixed??
freaky25 23:39 - 27 Oct 2013
Route Planner has certainly made me better.
arunjchess 09:40 - 17 May 2014
Thanks for the nice feedback :)

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