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Defend against the pin

Jan 8, 2014
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You probably know that Chessity helps you a lot with lessons about how to defend in tactics. Let's exam the PIN today!

A pin occurs when you attack a piece that can't move without allowing a piece of greater value to be captured. There are several ways to defend against a pin.



Sometimes you can defend by:

  • interpose
  • capture the attacker
  • counter attack king or pieces of your opponent
  • cover of your own pieces

1. BD_2_18_0.png2. BD_2_18_1.png

3. BD_2_18_2.png4. BD_2_18_3.png



Phantasm Pin

As a superlative degree in 'defend against the pin' Chessity introduced the 'Phantasm PIN' for you. In this lesson it looks like the PIN of your opponent is winning, that above technique isn't availible. But there is still a strong counter attack possible! The winning move is much more hidden, that's why this pin is called the Phantasm Pin.

5. BD_2_18_5.png6. BD_2_18_6.png



Phantasm Pin - Master level 

Especially for those who think, the level of PIN exercises ends at clublevel:

7. BD_2_18_7.png



Try it yourself!

Whether you are a beginner or a master you can expand your knowledge using Chessity’s theme trainer, which uses an adaptive learning algorithm. You can try todays lessons at clubplayer level yourself!



defendpin1-be416379.png      defendpin2-52f39e06.png




Diagram #1


Diagram #2


Diagram #3

1.Qf4 Rf8 2.Re3

Diagram #4


Diagram #5

1.Nxd6 Qxe3

counter --> double attack!

( Qxd6 2.hxg5 hxg5 3.Qxg5+ +- )

2.Nxf5+ Kf6 3.Nxe3

Diagram #6

1.Re8+! ( 1.Rxc5? 1... Qxb2)

1... Kg7 2.Rg8+!

counter --> remove of defender!

2... Kxg8 3.Qxf6

Diagram #7

1.Rc6! double attack

( 1.e5? 1... Be7 2.Rc6 Qb8 3.e6! 3... f5! -+ (3... Bxe6 4.Rxe6! ))

1... Qxc6 (1... Qb5 2.Rxf6)

2.Bxf8 capture

2... Kxf8 (2... Rb7 +/= )

3.e5! discovered attack

3... Qb6 4.Qxb6 cxb6 5.exf6 +/-


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