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Knight Level: It was fun, indeed it was!

Oct 16, 2016

I'm a third-grade student, and school takes a break for a week! How should I spend this first free week of my school year? Gaming, sporting, doing nothing, or... finishing the Knight Level lessons?
Long story short: I decided to finish the Knight Level lessons at Chessity.
Even though I've completed Pawn and Bishop Level and already have two stars on every Rook Level lesson, I chose to do the Knight section. Why?
Well, not just because I'm a perfectionist and I like to have 3 stars on everything, and not merely on Bishop and Pawn, but also because I think the lessons are really fun and I like to do them (and because I haven't got that much else to do, but still).

While I was listening and singing along with the Beatles, I gained star after star after star... After a few hours of learning and playing, I found myself in a crisis; the lessons weren't unlimited. So after I did around 45 lessons, I started to worry about the time the lessons would end. I thought about me not being able to click that wonderful "next theme" button.


We all live in a yellow submarine, a yellow submarine, a yellow submarine.... the singing continued:


The Beatles continued, I continued, but I knew the themes wouldn't so I enjoyed them as long as possible, until...

I didn't quite realize that I was playing the last theme of the knight sessions.
I didn't quite realize that the theme called "Mix 56-59" was the last theme (and I am really sorry for spoiling this to you).


I didn't quite realize it until I pressed the button "next theme"...

This didn't bring me to the next theme like I suspected, but it brought me to this page:


So, after a good 5 hours of learning about:
- Moving away in a lot of different ways
- Mating
- Defense against a variety of things
- Trapping pieces
- Pins, skewers, and discovered attacks
- Everything about stalemate
- Much more
I had done every single theme.

So, after you read this blog you:
• know that I like listening to the Beatles
• can't wait to start playing with Chessity
• know what happens if you press the button "next theme" if there is no next theme.
• (Just for the younger people) probably are going to google 'Beatles' in a little while.

And because a good chess player always thinks ahead, I have already done it for you, so the Wikipedia link on the Beatles is here.

That was it for this blog post, I hope you enjoyed it and I hope you will win your next game of chess :)

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sigrun 00:08 - 17 Oct 2016
Hi Leanart, I enjoyed reading your story. If you want to practise your chess online and play real games you could go to . After a while you get a grade and then you can play against people of your own strength. Have fun.
Janton 08:35 - 19 Oct 2016
You did a very good job!

Very nice blog too! I enjoyed every letter of it.
MSVEdward 10:29 - 24 Mar 2020
he lenart

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