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6 Reasons to join the next tactic battle

May 27, 2014
StaffCoach 2147

Next Sunday the next World Chess tactics Battle will be played. I love to share some reasons why to join the battle!

1. Everyone will play the battle on his own playing level

The system has been design to make it possible for a Master to play against a Beginner. For both it will feel a match between the same minded.

2. It’s the best way to learn to play under time pressure

How good are your chess tactics during time pressure?

The Chessbox game and battle are designed to give you the feeling of time pressure, right after the start. You can learn how you brain reacts on 30 minutes of high nerves.

Did you know that you can learn from your mistakes directly after the tactics battle? Try the “error game” after the battle. You can try to solve the exercises?

If you like to see some insane action from a normal blitz game? I can recommend this youtube video: 


3. You are not alone!

It’s more fun to train with other chessity members.

4. It’s free!


5. You can play the battle without spoiling your Chessity rating!

For some players the most important factor of live!

6. Big prizes to win!

The first prize is a 100 Dollar Amazon Gift Card (by e-mail). Besides that the first 3 users in this battle win a year membership at Chessity! (Normally only the first player get one month membership!)


Do you know more reasons to join? Please share your thought below.

See you at Sunday 1st, 20:00 (18:00 GMT) and don’t forget to bring your friends over!


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