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Julio Sadorra, Dallas (United States)
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Blog entries from Inopov

A Practical Manual on Improving Middlegame Thinking and Play: Part II
on Sep 12, 2015   6818   0
In the first part of this series, we looked at the unique attributes of Chess Structures: A Grandmaster Guide in comparison to other existing books on the subject of pawn...
A Practical Manual on Improving Middlegame Thinking and Play
on Sep 7, 2015   9501   4
How does an experienced player think and play after the opening? Does he come up with brand new plans and ideas for every game? An experienced player- a player with a Mas...
Positional Game Highlights
on Apr 23, 2015   527   0
  gameviewer_mockup.jpg Sengupta, Deep (India) - Postny, Evgeny (Israel) 10th World Teams 2015.04.21 1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bb5 a6 4.Ba4 Nf6 5.O-O Be7 6.Re1 b5 7.Bb3...
Strong & Steady Nakamura Part II
on Apr 23, 2015   2540   0
Welcome back! Thanks for joining me again in learning from the instructive fighting games of the American Champion Hikaru Nakamura.   Last week, we examined his ...
Who Won Recently? Strong & Steady Nakamura Part I
on Apr 15, 2015   2380   0
Hi current and future Chessity members! I am finally back this month to continue my series on recent tournament winners. Ofcourse there have been many events happening la...
Who Won Recently? Ascending Alexander
on Nov 19, 2014   2489   0
Amidst the 2014 World Chess Championship that's currently taking place, the Tashir International "Super-tournament" concluded last week in Moscow. The special ev...
Who Won Recently? Fearless Fighter Lu Shanglei
on Oct 28, 2014   2789   0
On October 20th, the prestigious World Junior Chess Championships concluded in Pune, India. The World Juniors, as it's often called, always draws the best U20 players fro...
Who Won Recently? Wesley won So much!
on Oct 20, 2014   2088   2
On October 9th-13th, the most glamorous and arguably the strongest high-stake chess open in the world took place in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. The Millionaire Chess(MC) Open...
Who Won Recently? Fabulous Fabiano!
on Sep 25, 2014   2186   2
At the beginning of this month, the 2014 Sinquefield Cup, the world's strongest closed tournament in history was held in St. Louis, Missouri, USA. In this double-round ro...
Who Won Recently? Yuriy Kuzubov
on Sep 7, 2014   2069   2
Hi everyone! I'm back with a new series dedicated to strong tournament winners. Every month I will select one or two tournaments and feature an instructive game by the Ch...
Tactical Game Highlights: Episode 04
on Jun 5, 2014   3143   0
Previously in TGH, we saw destructive tactical shots and counterblows in open positions. In this episode, we will examine tactical ideas that are more subtle or hidden in...
Tactical Game Highlights: Episode 03
on May 30, 2014   2067   1
In this episode of TGH, I am featuring tactical motifs that happened and those that were missed by players from the recently concluded 23rd Annual Chicago Open which fiel...
How to Play Dynamic Middlegame Positions
on May 28, 2014   3811   3
Early this month, the recent Capablanca Memorial super-tournament was held in La Havana, Cuba and it featured elite players such as Ivanchuk, Dominguez, So, Almasi, Valle...
The Other Winner: Part 2
on May 15, 2014   1937   0
In my previous post, I examined Pavel Eljanov's crucial win over Bacrot in the second half of the event. The game I'm about to show is Pavel's important victory over Pol...
The Other Winner: Part 1
on May 13, 2014   2831   1
In the recent super-tournament in Azerbaijan, 2014 Gashimov Memorial, everyone knows that Magnus was victorious. That is in the A event. In my upcoming blogs, I will be w...
Tactical Game Highlights: Episode 02
on Apr 28, 2014   1938   0
Previously in Tactical Game Highlights (TGH), I showed my game against Premkumar in which I successfully utilized my development advantage by creating threats and prepari...
The Weak Pawn: Part II
on Apr 24, 2014   2294   0
This week I would like to show another master game on the subject of weak pawns. After much data mining or rather “game-mining” on this subject from the recent 2014 D...
Tactical Game Highlights: Pilot Episode
on Apr 20, 2014   1846   2
In concurrence with my exploration on positional play, I would like to share tactical highlights from my recent games and other recent tournaments.To offer something uniq...
The Weak Pawn
on Apr 16, 2014   4106   7
The next element of positional play I'd like to introduce is the weak pawn. I will not "reinvent the wheel" in identifying and describing the various types of weak pawn, ...
Master of Positional Play
on Apr 10, 2014   3372   1
This week I decided to take a break from the typical examination of one positional theme and present you a recent game by one of the great masters of Positional Play. I i...
Good or Bad Square? Part II
on Apr 2, 2014   2140   0
Last month, I ended with examining the third element of good positional play: good and bad squares. This week I would like to show how to effectively make the most of goo...
Good or Bad Square?
on Mar 25, 2014   3545   1
This week I’d like to explore the positional concept of good and bad squares. A keen reader of the previous articles will have noticed a strong link between squares and...
Good or Bad Piece? Part II
on Mar 20, 2014   2229   4
In my previous blog post, we saw the importance of placing our pieces towards the center and on squares where it attacks enemy weaknesses. In the game Van Kampen Thorfins...
Good or Bad Piece?
on Mar 19, 2014   2478   0
Hi everyone! Beginning this month, I will do a series of blogs on the “Elements of Positional Play.” While opening preparation and calculation skills have taken a mor...
Punishing the Unsafe King in the Center
on Mar 14, 2014   2499   1
Sadorra, Julio Catalino - Pena, Pablo 2014 Western Class Championship 2014.03.07 In response to Janton's blog, here's my experience in dealing with an unsafe king in a ...
Chessity Training Improves Board Vision and Tactical Accuracy
on Feb 26, 2014   3556   5
Miramonte, Roberto - Sadorra, Julio Catalino 2014 Lone Star Open 2014.02.22 Last week, I prepared for an open tournament over this past weekend: 2014 Lone Star Open FID...
Gibraltar Chess Festival 2014: "No Guts No Glory!"
on Feb 24, 2014   2119   1
Al Sayed, Mohamad (2476) - Van Kampen, R. (2602) Gibraltar Masters 2014 2014.02.03 Another player who performed well in the recent 2014 Gibraltar Masters was Qatari G...
Gibraltar Chess Festival 2014: A Creative Game from a World-Class Player
on Feb 15, 2014   2014   1
Ivanchuk, Vassily (2739) - Ganguly, Surya Shekhar (2619) Tradewise Chess Congress 2014 2014.02.04 The recent 2014 Gibraltar Open Event was won by Ivan Cheparinov on tie...
Zurich Chess Challenge 2014: Three "P"s to Overcome a Stronger Opposition
on Feb 6, 2014   2392   0
Caruana, Fabiano (2782) - Aronian, Levon (2812) Zurich Chess Challenge 2014 2014.02.03 In the last round of the classical event, we saw a long fighting game between C...
Zurich Chess Challenge 2014: the Attitude of Learning from Every Top-Level Game
on Feb 4, 2014   1926   0
Nakamura, Hikaru (2776) - Gelfand, Boris (2761) Zurich Chess Challenge 2014 2014.02.03 Today, Nakamura and Gelfand played a solid positional game that could be signif...
What Would You Have Played?: Critical Moments from the 2nd half of 2014 Tata Steel
on Jan 22, 2014   17897   1
Hi everyone! I hope y'all are enjoying the top quality games from this year's Tata Steel Tournament so far. After much perusal and musing, I've come up with a second set...
Check and Compare Your Moves: Wijk Test Solutions
on Jan 17, 2014   1426   0
Hi everyone! As promised earlier here are the solutions to the puzzles, with some thoughts on how we miss opportunities and make wrong decisions. Please feel free to lea...
Your Move: Test positions from games in 2014 Tata Steel Tournament
on Jan 15, 2014   11370   0
Greetings everyone! I'm Grandmaster Julio Sadorra and I would like to present you some puzzles I derived from the master games at the ongoing 2014 Wijk Aan Zee. These pu...
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