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Janton   Staff Coach
Janton van Apeldoorn, Driebergen (Netherlands)
About me:
Leitmotif - innovation "Online"

I am thrilled about what is going on in my field of expertise. I love chess and I enjoy sharing my expertise in order to bring chess to the world!
Member since: 09/01/11
Connections: 496
Rating: 2178
Games won: 84
Puzzles solved: 7324
Puzzle Forum Points: 180

Blog entries from Janton

Netflix Queen's Gambit Gezien? Leren schaken in...
on Dec 23, 2020, updated Dec 24, 2020   756   7
Dé schaakhit om te bekijken is op het moment natuurlijk de Netflix-serie The Queen’s Gambit (16+). We merken bij Chessity dat de vraag naar leren schaken eno...
Webinar over online lesgeven
on Mar 15, 2020   713   2
Webinar over online lesgeven met zoom Hoe geef je les als de school dicht is? Ook op afstand is het mogelijk om je leerlingen te begeleiden. Maar hoe doe je dat? Chess...
Chessity Academy Bootcamp voor schaaktrainers
on Dec 1, 2017   1145   1
Geef jij schaakles? Dan hoop ik jou te ontmoeten tijdens mijn Chessity Academy Bootcamp voor lesgevers. Deze vindt plaatst op de landelijke 'Themadag voor kader' van de K...
Chessto - Het schakende robotvriendje
on Nov 24, 2017, updated Nov 25, 2017   2167   17
Al 7 jaar werk ik met veel passie aan mijn droomdoel schaken massaal te maken op scholen. Vanuit persoonlijke ervaring weet ik wat schaken voor kinderen kan betekenen. ...
De digitale butler
on Oct 31, 2017, updated Nov 2, 2017   3386   0
Kunstmatige intelligentie interesseert me al sinds mijn jonge jaren. Maar ik had nooit gedacht dat er een moment zou komen dat ik er als ondernemer trendsetter in zo...
Hoe stel je vast of een leerling het geleerde...
on Oct 18, 2017, updated Oct 20, 2017   3251   2
Zien we in schaakpartijen terug wat kinderen leren met Chessity? Dit houdt me bezig omdat het voor mij een belangrijke graadmeter is om Chessity voor julli...
Questions that help you think: the secret to chess...
on Oct 21, 2016   1815   0
Most successful people tend to ask questions, search for hidden clues and think outside the box – in other words, they don’t expect the answer to a problem to...
Workshop beheer tool gebruiken
on Aug 21, 2015   364   3
Hieronder leggen we uit hoe je workshops kunt starten, beheren en stoppen. Op de schermen die we gebruiken ziet u engels staan. Ik had mijn profiel niet omgezet naar het ...
Adjust your clock for the next World Chess tactics...
on May 31, 2014   610   10
The battle starts at: - June 1st at 20:00 CET (18:00 GMT) Go to the train page (see the picture). You will find the countdown clock. You can see how many hours and minu...
6 Reasons to join the next tactic battle
on May 27, 2014   1362   0
Next Sunday the next World Chess tactics Battle will be played. I love to share some reasons why to join the battle! 1. Everyone will play the battle on his own playing ...
Stop hanging pieces 1/2
on Apr 25, 2014   4704   5
If you lose games by hanging pieces, our new game ‘route planner V2.0’ is something for you! With this game you learn to have a better control of the potenti...
Stop hanging pieces 2/2
on Mar 28, 2014   3131   7
Please close your eyes and visualize your last game or exercise you solved. Can you visualize the whole chessboard? Good for you! You make unconscious use of this quality...
Carlsen: "only one player continued to play...
on Mar 28, 2014   1088   0
I like the youtube video from Magnus Carlsen. So, let's share it with you!      transcribed Carlsen's words below >> A lot has happened and the...
Safe or unsafe king
on Mar 6, 2014   1231   0
Since I started Chessity, I hardly play chess anymore .... To disrupt this paradox yesterday finally played a match for my club team again. I will try to make it a habit ...
Cafe page video tutorial
on Mar 6, 2014   1362   1
  Manuals and Books are sometimes hard to follow along. Why just go through countless pages of laborious explanations when you can ask questions about the exercises...
Become A Guest Blogger
on Feb 4, 2014   5834   0
Share Tips, Experiences And Analysis When You Become A Guest Blogger at! If you’re a titled chess player, club player or a chess coach and you have so...
LIVE Tata Steel Masters, Round 9, Commentary by GM...
on Jan 23, 2014   1048   0
schermafbeelding-2014-01-23-om-17.31.20- mqdefault.jpg
Winning search strategy for intermediate level
on Jan 15, 2014   2838   2
Is it difficult for you solving exercises without a theme classification? You don't know where you need to look. When you are playing a game, what are the signals for yo...
Kasparov “Tough for chess to overtake League...
on Jan 10, 2014   1292   0
lofl-a13c80c5.png   Our former World Chess Champion Garry Kasparov was in Seoul to participate in a local sports fair. And since South Korea is the capital of eSpo...
Defend against the pin
on Jan 8, 2014   1290   0
You probably know that Chessity helps you a lot with lessons about how to defend in tactics. Let's exam the PIN today! A pin occurs when you attack a piece that can't mo...
Upload your games!
on Jan 6, 2014   1081   2
Pillsbury - Steinitz 0-1 Today we have released a PGN blog uploader. The Chessity software will automatically create a blog from the file you upload. We hope y...
Thank you!
on Dec 27, 2013   930   4
In 2013, our users solved more than 18 million excercises! I hope you have made progress with your chess level.  Every day, I'm grateful for the chance to share our...
Do you believe you’ve reached your peak?
on Dec 8, 2013   983   2
I believe that your brain works like a command centre for your own beliefs. Consequently, all the work that is needed to put your trust in your personal growth is valuabl...
4 reasons why Judit Polgars Chess Festival is so...
on Oct 2, 2013   1739   2
This weekend a part of the Chessity team enjoyed the 7th Chess festival of Judit, Susan and Sofia Polgar. What makes this event so special? Chess has such a big history ...
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