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A game a day turns your B-grade to an A
by Laimonas on Sep 18, 2014   2250   0
Do you children play computer games and it worries you that they are wasting their time? Or maybe the types of games they play worry you most? Today, the video game ind...
Chess is Child's play
Chessity on Sep 12, 2014   403   0
Chess is Child's play! Finally, ‘gaming your training’ at is now even more easily accessible for our little players! We have developed a specia...
The Benefits of Chess
by Laimonas on Sep 12, 2014   126175   1
Chess has long been the game of gentleman, geniuses, philanthropists and other gifted people. This has formed an incredibly wide misconception around the word that ONLY g...
Flammende Bretter
by schachfuchs on Sep 8, 2014   763   4
Tolle Atmo! Tolle Idee! mqdefault.jpg
Who Won Recently? Yuriy Kuzubov
by Inopov on Sep 7, 2014   1499   2
Hi everyone! I'm back with a new series dedicated to strong tournament winners. Every month I will select one or two tournaments and feature an instructive game by the Ch...
We need your input!
by arunjchess on Aug 30, 2014   2795   22
  Hello dear Chessity users, this is Arun, staff and community manager of Chessity. I would like to thank you for the amazing support in our journey so far. I hope ...
They miss, you hit
by yodhaa on Aug 8, 2014   1032   0
Hi everyone!Today, on round 6 of the Olympiad I offer three exercises.  I invite the readers to imagine themselves in the shoes of someone above 2600 and try to find the...
puzzle dude episode 4
by ria on Aug 6, 2014   725   9
heres the next puzzle white to move what do you think the answer is ???? find out in the next blog !!!
puzzle awsomeness 1
by Mihir on Aug 5, 2014   688   5
I have a puzzle for you white to move. which move is the best? The answer is in the next blog.
puzzle dude for beginners episode 1
by ria on Jul 31, 2014   757   8
Tactics challenge: July 9
by arunjchess on Jul 9, 2014   1725   11
Did you know that Vladimir Nabokov, one of the greatest literary figures and the author of Lolita, was also a chess lover and composer? Below are two of his problems, and...
Tactics challenge: July 8
by arunjchess on Jul 8, 2014   1612   6
How far can you calculate in Chess? How about 125 moves? White to play Blathy,O - 1938 1-0 Mate in #125 Yes, 125 moves! I'm not joking.  After digging through mus...
Puzzle challenge: July 7
by arunjchess on Jul 7, 2014   1509   7
Hello everyone, here's a challenge for you! There are two interesting puzzles below, one is an endgame puzzle and another is a studies. Let's have fun solving them! Looki...
What's your plan for Sunday?
by arunjchess on Jul 5, 2014   1572   1
chessfootball-1626f287.jpg The coundown has begun! Chessity will be releasing its new game feature called "Arena" and make it open for ALL Chessity users this Sunday at ...
Rules for the Arena game
by arunjchess on Jul 5, 2014   1802   3
Behold, Chessity’s new Arena game is here. In this post, we’ve shared the basics rules about the game and how one can use it. Have fun! 1. Entering the game: You ca...
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