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In chess, the small one can become the big one. (Queen of Katwe)

Chessity was created with a bold spirit and a mighty objective: to offer the best online chess learning software at a low price, in order to make chess accessible to as many people as possible. 

Today, many people - from parents and teachers to neuroscientists - are aware of the benefits of chess. Janton van Apeldoorn, who started Chessity in 2011, experienced this first-hand. As a boy, he was struggling hard at school. Chess threw him a lifeline and helped him overcome his problems. With Chessity, he set out on a personal mission to do the same for others.

Connecting with people who share this mission, Chessity is a small company that embraces the innovative use of digital technologies. Working together, we have embarked on a never-ending journey to build a destination for chess learning and teaching that is fun, effective, and easily accessible for you and everyone around the globe.

Chess is a gift to the brain.

Chessity is about enabling people throughout the world to experience the benefits of chess.


Chess can rescue a kid from academic failure (the story behind Chessity)

Read the story of founder Janton van Apeldoorn. His personal history explains Chessity’s origin and mission.  

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