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How Chessity helps kids and teachers

Sprout lifelong benefits 

Chess helps to develop critical and creative thinking, a great advantage both in school and in life.

Boost brain power 

Chess builds cognitive thinking and problem solving skills. It enhances logical reasoning and abstract thinking.

 Build 21st-century skills

Chess fits into STEM education: through a fun and hands-on pursuit, kids learn to analyze, plan and execute.

Enjoy easy chess teaching

Ready-to-use chess lessons and exercises for students of all levels. Even for teachers without chess knowledge.

Monitor students' progress

Easy classroom management and advanced tracking tools let you guide your students in their learning process.

Train for a diploma

Kids love learning with Chessity. But our effective curriculum also lets them qualify for their first chess diploma.

Educational gaming, serious fun

Chess learning through puzzles and mini games

Frog Race: Learn different chess moves while racing frogs with other players
Castle Assault: Solve chess puzzels to storm the castle and conquer the gold
The River: Let the frog leap through the river, your personal learning route

What other teachers say about Chessity

Regobert Eijkelkamp (chess teacher, The Netherlands)
From the first time I used Chessity my students were thrilled. And so was I. The coach tools map student progress and provides me with useful insights in how to help them. New digital learning tools dramatically change the way children learn and chess is no exception. Chessity understands this as no other chess teaching method that I know of.

Davy d'Israel (chess teacher, Brasil)
I use Chessity to teach chess to more than 800 students, aged 7 to 15. Their ratings range from 800 to 2100. I wrote a book on chess teaching, but I was looking for a more attractive method. After all, children love technology and games. I saw the site and I loved it! I remember thinking: this is it! Good design, easy to understand, and interesting exercizes. 

Nico Arkesteijn (school director De Regenboog, The Netherlands)
We aim to introduce our pupils to chess, but we never used a proper method. Chess teaching at our school was rather amateurish until we were introduced to Chessity. The program teaches chess in a very nice way. Learning is fun and kids learn at their own pace. A lot of children have become quite enthousiastic and practise a lot with Chessity, both at school and at home.

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