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Frequently asked questions : Learning, training and gaming

I want Chessto to coach me in my chess learning process. Is that possible? (Individual user)
Does each player get chess puzzles adapted to his own level in the Arena?
How do I gain insight into my progress and results?
How should I divide my time between learning, training and gaming?
I already know how to play chess. Can I skip easy lessons?
What is the difference between The River and Pawn Level lessons?
What level should I choose for Training – Tactics: easy, medium or hard?
What is Training – Tactics – Mixed?
What is Training – Tactics – TPR?
What is Training – Specials – Error?
What is Training – Specials – Route Planner/TPR?
What is Training - Specials - Route Planner/Mixed
What is Training – Specials – Jumping Jack?
How do I invite somebody to a game a chess?
What can I do in Free Play?
How do I train my board vision and visualization skills?
How do I train endgames in Chessity?
How do I check my progress and results?
How can I get more information about mistakes in the lessons or training sessions?
How is rating calculated in Chessity?
How does the Chessity rating compare to FIDE rating?
Can you change my rating? (I have a really good reason!)