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Katerina   Staff Coach WGM
Katerina Nemcova, Tucson (United States)
About me:
Favorite Chess Quote:
“Life is a kind of Chess, with struggle, competition, good and ill events.” -Benjamin Franklin

Member of a great all-chess playing family (5 sisters and 1 brother).
Additionally: SPICE Team Alumni, USA Olympic Team, European & Vice World Champion U18.
Member since: 10/30/12
Connections: 28
Rating: 2263
Games won: 191
Puzzles solved: 3753
Puzzle Forum Points: 7

Blog entries from Katerina

FIDE Women's World Championship 2017 (Day 1)
on Feb 10, 2017   909   0
Let's get a little bit more chess enthusiasm before the first round of the event! Soon we will review two important games from previous championships. Will you recognize ...
FIDE Women's World Championship 2017 (Day 0)
on Feb 9, 2017   1336   1
Dear readers, I am happy to be back writing about chess! It's also great that my first blog of 2017 has a lot of current information, is directly tied to my chess and it'...
World Champ Match Round 8: Brave Magnus vs...
on Nov 23, 2016   1186   2
The World Championship Match 2016 between Norwegian World Champion IGM Magnus Carlsen and Russian challenger IGM Sergey Karjakin is taking on a new load of excitement. Af...
4 Must Know Steps to Avoid Blundering in Chess
on Oct 29, 2016   20145   4
Blundering is painful It happens to everyone - even the best players in the world. One of the worst feelings in chess is when you make a game changing blunder and you ca...
Inspiration throught chess-themed movies
on Jul 10, 2016   3557   4
Every once in a while chess audience has the opportunity to enjoy a big budget chess-themed movie that includes well-written scripts and popular cast. What a gift! Also, ...
TIP #1: When it's NOT good to follow your instinct
on Jun 28, 2016   1295   3
Instinct is a great natural ability that allows players to have certain feelings about their chess positions without making any concrete calculations. A player may feel t...
5 Jobs Pawns Are Awesome At
on May 23, 2016   1910   2
Ever wonder how pawns feel in a chess game? They are small, common, and unable to move backwards. The term special is hardly the proper description, not at least in the g...
Can you play like the Women's World Champion?
on Apr 9, 2016   2007   15
It has been slightly over a month since the top female chess players fought for the 2016 Women’s World Champion crown in the Ukrainian city of Lvov. The championship ma...
Looking Back: The Great Wijk aan Zee
on Feb 20, 2016   2506   0
Who doesn’t know about the Orange Color Country and its annual tournament? Although, there are tournaments that grab our attention and tournaments that we barely notice...
What to do when you don’t know what to do
on Jan 12, 2016   4045   7
It’s very common for chess players to find themselves in situations where they have no idea how to proceed. These moments can be quite frustrating and cause a player to...
A Fresh Start
on Dec 12, 2015   1236   6
Hello Chessity Friends! I am delighted I was brought on the board of the Chessity Team and I can now engage more within the blogging platform and other chess related cont...
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