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Frequently asked questions : Chessity for teachers and coaches

Why can’t I find a student name in the Manage Students or Dashboard tool?
Can I try out the teachers' features and tools for free?
Why is it that my student doesn't have full funcitonality?
Why is ‘Gaming’ locked for my student?
What tools does Chessity have for teachers and coaches?
How do I organize my students into groups?
How do I assign students to a different teacher or trainer?
How many stars should students earn for a lesson?
When can a student proceed to the next level?
Is Chessity suitable for group-based teaching?
How does Chessto help me as a teacher?
What happens if a student does not do the Chessto tasks?
Can I see the progress my students are making?
Can students learn at their own pace?
How does Chessity motivate my students?
My student can already play chess. Is there an entry test?
What is the tab ‘Student comments’ in the café?
Is there a manual for teaching with Chessity?