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Frequently asked questions : Workshop

What is Chessity’s free workshop?
How do I book a free Chessity workshop?
How many students can join a Chessity workshop?
For which ages is the Chessity workshop suitable?
What preparation is needed for the Chessity workshop?
Is there a lesson plan for the Chessity workshop?
What happens when I click on 'Start workshop'?
My student cannot log in to the workshop. What to do now?
My student is a good chess player. Is it possible for him/her to start at a higher level?
My student is stuck in a frozen puzzle. How do I solve that?
My student has accidentally logged out from the workshop. What to do now?
All students are suddenly disconnected from the workshop. How is that possible?
What happens when I click on 'stop the workshop'?
I accidentally clicked on 'Stop the workshop', what now?
I have a problem with the workshop that I cannot solve myself