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Frequently asked questions : Exams and diploma certificates

Can I allow a student to take an exam if they don't have all the stickers yet?
What chess level is required to pass the exams in Chessity?
Can I do chess exams as an individual user?
Can I receive a diploma as an individual user?
When can a student take a chess exam?
How does Chessto coach students before and after an exam?
What elements does the exam consist of?
How long does the exam take?
What is the passing mark for the exams?
How does the ‘Exams’ tool work?
How do I know whether my student has taken an exam?
How do I prepare my student for the exam?
How does taking an exam work?
My student has failed an exam. What's next?
How do I know which mistakes my student has made during the exam?
My student has passed an exam. Where can I download the certificate?
Why can I overrule an exam result?
Is it possible to order blank chess certificates from Chessity?