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Frequently asked questions : Exams and diploma certificates

What chess level is required to pass the exams in Chessity?

The Pawn to King levels in Chessity form a concise chess curriculum tailored to the needs of chess-in-school projects. From the absolute beginning to the level at which a student can also play a nice game at a chess club. Each level is a compact series of lessons, with a clear learning objective.

"I know enough to play on the board chess. I know how the chess pieces move and I know enough about the rules to enjoy a game. Who knows, I might even win a game or two!

"I will enjoy participating in a school chess tournament and will definitely win some games!"

"I am good at winning pieces and I have learned how to play for a win, because I am very good at checkmate. This makes me a strong player in a school chess tournament."

"I have mastered some tactics in attack and defense that make me particularly strong for a school chess player. Even some club players will have to watch out for me."

 "I have expanded my toolbox of chess attacks considerably: double attacks, discovered attacks, pins and skewers -  these are tactics with which I like to surprise my opponents."

"I have mastered a search strategy that allows me to apply attacking tactics, even if I don't know which theme to look for. At a chess club they will welcome me with open arms. They’ll probably wonder where I came from :) "

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