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Frequently asked questions : Settings

I don't have full functionality? Why is that?

This FAQ relates to individual (private) accounts. For users with a student account, see Why is it that my student doesn't have full funcitonality?


When you created your account, you had the option to use the Beginner mode. If you have chosen the Beginner mode, the website is simplified and not all features are displayed.

Simplified mode (limited features):

Regular mode (all features):

To disable the simplified mode and activate all functions, go to My Account – User Interface and uncheck the box for the Beginner mode:


If you have a student account (created by a coach), you cannot change this setting yourself. Ask your coach to change your settings.


For coaches:

The extensive coaching and student management features are only available to users who have indicatedin their account settings that they are coaches. Go to My Account - User interface to set up a coach profile.

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