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Frequently asked questions : Chessity for teachers and coaches

How many stars should students earn for a lesson?

Chessity is designed in such a way that students have freedom in the pace at which they take lessons. A student can only move on to the next lesson once he has completed the previous lesson. As soon as a star is earned for a lesson, the next lesson is unlocked.

Students can choose for themselves whether they want to continue with the next lesson or whether they want to get three stars on the current lesson first.

If students go through their lessons too fast (with few stars), the system will ensure that they are slowed down and first deepen their skills.

For every fifth lesson (the games with mix tasks), a blockage is built in: students who have only one star for the previous lessons have to return to these lessons in order to earn more stars.

This automatically prevents a pupil from moving too fast into the depths while they have not yet sufficiently mastered a skill or grasped a concept.

In the student monitoring system (Coach - Dashboard) you can see exactly which lessons your students are at and how many stars they have passed. This information helps you to guide and coach your students in their learning process.

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