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The lessons are locked. Why can't I continue?

Cause 1

The default setting in Chessity is that all lessons are locked. You have to unlock a new lesson first by successfully completing the lesson before it. If you haven't unlocked a lesson yet, you can't go any further.

Individual users can unlock all lessons in their account settings. Users with a student account cannot do this themselves. The teacher can do this via Manage Students tool on the Coach tab

Cause 2

You haven't got enough stars to make a mix lesson yet. Every fifth lesson in the sesson series is a mixed assignment lesson that repeats the content of the four previous lessons. In those four lessons you have to get a minimum number of stars to be able to make the mix lessons. If you don't have enough stars, then you till haven't mastered the required skills yet and you have to obtain more stars first.

Cause 3

The three days unlimited play of your free account are up. A free account offers three days of unlimited access to all Chessity features, including all classes. After three days you need a premium account for continued access to all content. With a free account, you can only do the first five lessons of each level. Previously earned results are not lost. As soon as you upgrade to a premium account, you can continue where you left off.

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