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Frequently asked questions : Accounts - schools and clubs

How do I buy accounts for my students?

Go to the Chessity schools page. You will see the page below. Click on the button to start:


Now you can create the new account. Fill in your details and click on Create account.

View price for desired number of accounts

After this, the page appears on which you can indicate how many accounts you want to buy. Fill in the desired number of accounts to see the price. The more accounts you buy at once, the lower the price. (After purchase, accounts must be activated, after which they will be valid for one year. Unactivated accounts will be kept in store until you need them.) Note: one of the accounts you buy will be set up for the teacher, so always buy one extra account.


Fill in the requested information and click Buy now to purchase the accounts. After a successful payment you will receive a confirmation email. The accounts can then be activated immediately.

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