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Frequently asked questions : Accounts - schools and clubs

How do I delete a student account?

Student accounts created by a teacher or coach can only be deleted within three days after activation. The canceled accounts are added to the number of accounts in stock.

After three days, canceling an account is no longer possible.

However, it is possible to remove students from the student management tool, for instance because they have left school or are no longer a member of the chess club.

Remove student from your student management tool

On the Coach tab, open the tool Manage Students:

Check the student in question. Then, in the drop-down menu below the student list, click Remove students and OK.

Once you have confirmed that you really want to do this, the student is no longer in your student administration.

The account has now been converted into a regular individual account, without any link to a school or club. The user in question can still log in to their Chessity account. After the premium subscription has expired, the user can renew their account themselves.

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