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Frequently asked questions : Exams and diploma certificates

My student has failed an exam. What's next?

A student who doesn't pass the exam, doesn't have sufficient mastery of the required chess skills and knowledge. He or she has to practice a bit more on the elements that didn't go so well.

As soon as a student has finished the exam, he/she is immediately informed about the results. The overview that appears on screen indicates how many mistakes have been made per section.



If the student fails the exam, Chessity's artificial intelligence robot Chessto comes into action.As a teacher you can leave the remediation to Chessto without any worries. He analyses the mistakes that were made during the exam and then compiles a package of lessons that need to be rehearsed in order to pass the next attempt. The student gets a friendly notification form Chessto and the remediations tasks are displayed on his/her homepage:

Of course it is also possible for the teacher to gain insight into the results. In the Exams tool (Coach - Exams) you can see this by clicking on the icon with the eye:

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