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Frequently asked questions : Exams and diploma certificates

How does taking an exam work?

Once a student has collected all the stickers of a certain level, he/she can take an exam. The exam icon automatically appears on the student's homepage. 

If the student clicks on the exam icon, the exam starts:

The student can choose the order in which he/she finishes the tasks of the exam. As soon as all the assignments of a section have been made, a green check mark will appear in the overview. Good to know: this check does not mean that the student has passed this section, but only that the task in question has been completed. 

After the student has completed the last section, he/she is immediately shown the results.

Viewing results and obtaining diploma certificates

As a teacher, you can use the ‘Exams’ tool (on the ‘Coach’ tab) to see which students took exams, whether they passed or failed and what their results were. This is also the tool that you use to download and/or print diploma certificates for studends who passed an exam.

Go to the ‘Exams’ tool on the ‘Coach’ tab:



Here you see an overview of the Exams tool:

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