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Which information is shown on the Statistics page?

By clicking on the Stats tab at the top of the screen, the Statistics page is opened. This page shows a leaderboard (top 20-rankings) of the performances of all Chessity users, as well as your own ranking position. You can compare your own performance with that of the other players.

Check Show only friends to see a ranking list containing only your friends. Click on Weekly, Monthly or Best ever to select the desired period.

There are eight different leaderboards:

Elo: this ranking looks at rating.

Most games: this ranking indicates who has played the highest number of games on Chessity.

Games won: this ranking shows who has won the highest number of games on Chessity.

Puzzles solved: this ranking shows who has solved the highest number of chess puzzles on Chessity.

Activity: this ranking shows who is the most active on Chessity. The percentage indicates your daily activity, which is also shown on the opening page after you log in.

Blind routes: this ranking shows who has the highest rating for the Route Planners.

Champion: this ranking uses different variables. It is a mix of activity, rating, level of difficulty and solution speed. Players with a high rating who aren’t very active will not appear high on this ranking.

Studies: this ranking shows who has done the highest number of Endgame studies (by Yochanan Afek).

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