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What can I do in the Café?

After you have completed a lesson or set or tactic puzzles, you are automatically taken to the Café. Here, you can see what you did wrong in the each of the chess puzzles. You can play the solution in its entirety or click through it move by move. You also have the options of coming up with alternatives. Use the ‘hint’ button to get a chess computer to help you think about what comes next.

The Café also has a chat function, where you can ask questions about the assignments or the solution, and get answers from other users or Chessity staff members.

If you want to revisit a chess puzzle at a later time, you can save it by clicking on the star.


The Café page

The Café can also be accessed via the Café icon in the menu bar. On the Café page, there are various tabs:

Latest game: here you see the latest set of chess assignments you have made. You can see which ones you got right or wrong, and see and play the correct solutions.

Your reactions: here you see which reactions you have posted with chess puzzles.

Help others: here you can respond to comments from other players.

Saved: here you find the chess puzzles you have saved.

Student comments: this tab is only visible to coaches. It contains all of the reactions from your students in the Café.

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